Washing Dishes…(Me and Martha series)

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So interestingly enough I had washing dishes on my list of topics to write about.  And in fact had a post scheduled for this weekend on washing dishes.  I had already taken my pics of the tips from the Homekeeping Handbook.


Top 2 pics are pages 64 & 65. Bottom pic is page 84.

Matt and I got in the discussion about washing dishes the other day.  We use our dishwasher for most of our dishes, but we do hand-wash most of our pots & pans.   He said he didn’t grow up with as dishwasher.  I know we had one, but for some reason we never used it!  I think we stored stuff in there!  So I am quite familiar with washing dishes.  So I was all set to share Martha’s best tips and literally the day I was going to start drafting this post she posted an article on her site called Dishwashing Secrets.  Well there is no need for me to rewrite what she has already done and her pics are way better than mine so I’ll just leave you with the link.

And this throwback pic Martha posted – I’m guessing it was taken 20-30 years ago… bahahhahaha.  those overalls though…  Even Martha makes fashion mistakes.  lol.


And also these funny memes…




Hahahahah!  Y’all enjoy your weekend.  The big kids are gone for a church retreat and Matt is busy helping lead worship this weekend…So it’s me and Milo and lots of rain for the next 2 days.  I’m going to read a TON and we are so gonna order pizza.



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