Balloon Powered Popcorn Car! (Me and Martha Series)

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Bringing you another super easy family project we did over the weekend.  When I saw this project in Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids, I knew we would do it.  As most of you know, Matt is a movie critic and because of that he must love popcorn.  LOL!  We have recently done some work in our media room and even created a concession stand so we have a bunch of these cute popcorn boxes.  I think I actually bought them for an Oscar party a while back, so we’ve had them for a while.  And then of course, Milo LOVES cars.  I found the popcorn car craft on page 111.


Here’s what you’ll need…


  • a popcorn carton (I’m sure you could use something else that was a similar shape/size)
  • 4 plastic lids (I saved 2 from our cashews cans and 2 from our bread crumb cans).  Again, use what you have!
  • 2 straws
  • 2 skewers – you can trim them with scissors
  • a balloon (this is the one thing we didn’t have!  Now we have plenty because you can’t buy just one balloon!  I’m going to think of some more crafts to do with my bag of balloons.)
  • It says you also need an awl, washer and tape above.  We used a nail to poke the holes in the tops.  We did use tape to tape the straws to the bottom but after lots of trial and error, we actually stapled the balloon to the top.  And we didn’t use a washer for balance.

We did decorate the front of ours a little with a piece of old scrapbook paper and 2 yellow buttons.


And then we were ready!


Enjoy a quick video of our successful popcorn racecar!  Our wheels are pretty wobbly because they are thin plastic lids.  In the book, it looks like they used thicker lids – maybe that screw on.  That might help with stability.  And like I said, after taping, paper clipping and a few other tries of getting our car to go, we found that stapling it to the top worked best.  I just opened the balloon as wide as I could and stapled the inside of it to the top of the carton. Your balloon needs to have no obstruction as the air leaves for the car to go the fastest.



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