Organizing Toys (Me and Martha Series)

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Today I’m talking about toy organization.  Martha discusses it on page 305 of the Homekeeping Handbook.  Honestly, we had already put her tips into practice.  Organizing toys and keeping them under control is a necessity if you want to keep your house in order…

page 305 of Homekeeping Handbook

page 305 of Homekeeping Handbook

The main thing you have to keep in mind is everything needs a spot.  The majority of Milo’s toys are in our upstairs game room and in his room.  I mentioned in a previous post that we do have baskets downstairs for some toys, but most of them are upstairs.


Yes, we have a bike hanging from our ceiling…

See that red shelf behind the couch, that’s where the bulk of the toys are stored.


The top shelf has farm animals/equipment and the small wooden crate is for all small musical instruments (trust me, there are a lot – for some reason we have a ton of kazoos, harmonicas, drumsticks…)

The middle shelf if for puzzles on one side and then the bins with labels on the other.

The bottom shelf is for big musical instruments and all of Milo’s play tools.


Also, you’ll notice in the above pic… If you are going to have shelving, especially with climbing kiddos, it’s important to secure them.  That white strap under the top shelf is a safety strap that will prevent shelves from falling over onto little kiddos.  Milo is a climber so it’s SO important to have all the shelving/furniture safely secured to the walls.

The labels with pictures really help little ones.  It shows them what goes in what bin.  We also have a label for books in Milo’s room.


These books are on a shallow shelf Matt built a while back.  I try to switch these books out so they stay interesting for Milo (there are more stored in the closet and on his other set of shelves across the room).  His library books are stored in this basket next to his bed.  This enables us to find the library books quickly and not have to go through a hundred random books looking for them.


A while back when we switched Milo’s room to be more of a big boy room instead of a nursery I mentioned that I wanted a shelving system somewhat like this one:


The color scheme in the above pic was a little too dark, but I liked the overall feel of it.  Here is what we came up with.


It’s 95% finished.  For a long time I hadn’t painted it but now it’s primed and painted and all I have left to do is finish out the bottom with some trim/crown.  It’s built in and screwed into the wall – safe for that climbing little I mentioned earlier.

Having a place for everything helps keep Milo’s room and the game room so much neater.


And before you think we keep everything super neat and organized, I should mention Milo does have a toy box catch all.  You know for all the plastic junk and random cars and crap that doesn’t really belong anywhere.



Best practice on that is to clean it out twice a year and get rid of all the broken crap or stuff that he has outgrown.



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