Movie/Media Organization (Me and Martha Series)

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When flipping through Martha Stewart’s book Good Things for Organizing, I came across a section on organizing your media. This book is old, so it was mostly computer disks and CD’s and photos but the principles still apply.  Best thing you can do is find a way to store your media in a safe place in an organized way.  Pics from Martha’s book:

you can even make your own fabric covered boxes for photos, disks, etc.

you can even make your own fabric covered boxes for photos, disks, etc.


Labeling your boxes in another important factor.

Since Matt is a movie critic, he obviously has a TON-O-Movies!  Like literally, we get DVDs in the mail EVERY WEEK.  Studios send him videos so he will write about them, etc.  He does get rid of some of them, but I would say he keeps 90%.  We used to store them in those giant binders with the disk sleeves.  We had so many and they were so heavy, it wasn’t really a great solution.  Plus the zippers started breaking.  He found these little drawers at Staples I think…


They have individual 2-sided sleeves that are lined so they keep the disks scratch free.  Each disk has a number assigned to it and Matt keeps them all listed in a binder…


He also has additional info in there like genre, rating, description, etc.  Yeah, he’s crazy about those movies.

Best part of all these DVDs?  At the end of every year, movie studios send Matt current films or upcoming films that aren’t even IN theaters yet!  It’s crazy when everyone is waiting for a movie to come out and Matt receives a special screening copy at home!  His votes must be super important!  UPS or FedEx has been ringing our doorbell almost every day for us to sign for a movie (you have to sign for them because I guess there are legal issues around getting those movies early).  Anyway, every time the doorbell rings Gage and I are hoping its the new Bond movie or the new Star Wars!  Can you imagine?!  Unfortunately, this week it’s been stuff like Furious 7 or Straight out of Compton… insert unimpressed emoji here.

So that’s our movie organization!  I had plans to share our pantry and refrigerator and closet organization during this series as well.  And although I actually organized those things and took pics, I never got around to writing/finishing the posts.  There has been a lot going on around here and big changes are on the horizon (No, I am not pregnant…).  Hoping to post about that soon!

And speaking of movies, I took the night off last night and went to a screening of Suffragette.  I’ll post a review later, but I’m going to encourage all my girlfriends to go see it.  I’m even going to see it again and take my daughter.  Powerful stuff.




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