Welcome November – the month of Thankfulness

The 31 day writing challenge was fun, but I’m happy to get back to my lackadaisical blogging style…which means I tend to write about everything and nothing.  Every year I feel a shift at the beginning of November.  As if we are preparing for holidays or winter or something like that.  Things seem to get cozier, I look forward to family and fireplaces…yummy food and falling leaves.  I drag the sweaters and Uggs out of storage and put away the tanks and flip flops.  I’m not one of those people that gets bent out of shape about people putting their Christmas tree up early or stores being flooded with decorations.  I know people seem to get offended that Thanksgiving isn’t getting it’s turn, but thanksgiving is a mindset – not a holiday.  And the holiday is made no less important if Target has their twinkly lights on display.  For real.  Thanksgiving is about gratitude – being thankful in your circumstances…for your adversity and for your joys… Granted, I’m not about to get our tree out or start in on Christmas stories before December, but if that’s your jam, then go for it.  As a side note and just to give myself a pat on the back, I have however finished all of my Christmas shopping…and even wrapped everything…


took this on Nov. 1… might be a new record.

This one is important to me because rushing around in December to buy meaningless gifts does take me out of the holiday spirit.  Have you been to a mall in Dallas on a Saturday in December – there is NO Jesus there, I’m serious… So I try and do the shopping early.  We do the 4 gifts policy in our family (1. something you want 2. something you need 3. something you wear 4. something you read).  I keep a running list of Christmas gift ideas in my phone all year.  This 4 gift practice and list keeps the gift giving under control.  And if I’m thoughtful about gifts I find that I can pick up things that are truly unique and meaningful to the person getting it!  And it keeps our budget in tact!  And OBVI, it frees up time for more Hallmark Christmas movies and driving around to look at lights and candlelit dinners with hot cocoa and advent discussions…

But for now, we are relaxing into November.  Enjoying cooler temps and plans for turkey and family visits.  I took Milo on a nature hike today.  We have been talking about Fall leaves and the change of seasons.  In Texas, we don’t get those beautiful autumnal landscapes, but we do our best to find what we can.


And if you look hard enough, you find the beautiful stuff.


By the time we made it home, we had pockets full of acorns and yellow and orange leaves…cracked open pecans and muddy sticks.  Treasures.


And I got to take a break from my laptop…and work…and email…and listen to the wind blow those fallen leaves and Milo squeal each time he found a new bend in the trail.  Thankfulness…  November is a good month.



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