Animals and Peanuts and more enjoying the season…

You may have gathered from the title of this post that it has no specific format or subject!  It’s mostly just what we’ve been up to the last week.

Are your animals part of your family?  Ours are for the most part…  Our dog, Syd, takes on the role of loyal favorite companion.  Our cat, Dunkin (but we almost always call him Kiki), takes on the role as a jerkhole that we all deal with.  Apparently that’s just how cats and dogs are for the most part.  They make our life interesting though.


Yep, that’s Kiki lounging in the running stroller, fully expecting a parade in his honor.  It was raining on this particular day so he was real pissed when he was hit with that first drop.  We thought it was hilarious – him, not so much.


He did eventually get over it when he found a suitable place on the couch.  Have I mentioned he is not allowed on the furniture? I tell him constantly to “get down!” and he just flips me the middle paw claw.

We had family visit over the weekend – cousins from Arizona that were in town for a dog agility competition.  I love having family here.  Gage gave up his room and there were some swaps and the air mattress ended up in our room with a couple of kids piled on top.


Of course this meant that Milo went several days in a row without a nap and now I’m not sure I will ever be able to get him to take another one.  I’m thinking our nap days might be coming to an end.  Cady took a nap until the day she started kindergarten…I think Milo might be done though.  I personally would still take a daily nap if allowed…  That air mattress is still up in our room even though our family flew home yesterday.  The kids are campaigning to make it a permanent fixture so they can lay on it while watching movies in our room.

I got up extra early Saturday morning to work on this project…


So that we could take Milo to his first movie…  This is a big deal if you are the son of a movie critic.  We saw Peanuts (in case you hadn’t guessed) and loved it.  He did fantastic and we are already planning our next movie outing.  Disney’s The Good Dinosaur, maybe?


After the movie, Milo took a nap.  Oh wait, that was me… I think Gage may be teaching him World of Warcraft or something like that tho.


Before our visiting cousins left, we were able to sneak up to the dog agility competition they were in town for.


Milo learned the ins & outs of dog agility…ok, maybe he just cheered for the dogs, either way it was fun!

And of course I’ve been soaking in every single yellow and orange leaf walk I can…



^ We totally made that with leaves on one of our afternoon walks, a walnut still in it’s fruit, berries and sticks.  Cutest turkey ever!


And sometimes, we even bring Syd along.

Before we knew it, the week and long weekend were over…  It was back to work (for me Gage and Matt) and back to school for Cady and Milo.


We are really looking forward to having a week off during Thanksgiving.  Perhaps we’ll have more visitors and plan more hikes and eat lots of yummy food.

Until next time,



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