Life Lately – Mid November


I am a freak about autumn… I am totally laying in a pile of leaves in a public place in the pic…

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away!  Have you bought your turkey and planned out your meal?  I am such an over the top planner…  I actually plan our menu a month in advance with weekly grocery lists as well.  I’m almost finished with December’s menu and advent plans.  I haven’t made the advent calendar yet, but the list of activities we plan to do are done.


I’m an old school excel user for our budget and meal planning. I know there are better apps our there but I just can’t seem to get into them.

But before all that December and Advent talk… Thanksgiving!  We were originally going to have company for Thanksgiving but I think it may just be us this year.  I’m nut sure I need to go all out with a giant turkey…maybe I should just pick up a few turkey breasts.  We’ll see.

Here’s our Life Lately…

Working on our “turkey” banner craft last week.  Hahaha.  Everyone made one, this coming week we will be making placemats.  These are actually preschool crafts but you would be surprised how serious everyone takes their craft.  Even Gage, who is ALWAYS studying or working, took time to create one.



Playing in Autumn Leaves…


Baking pumpkin spice cakes… (will share my recipe later this week…)

Cady was doing a conditioning treatment on her hair! hahahaha!

Cady was doing a conditioning treatment on her hair! hahahaha!

Enjoying Peter Pan 360 in Dallas…



And much much more…  Still can’t announce the big change that is coming in our lives because I haven’t gotten the “go-ahead” yet.  Hopefully will find out more this week!  And I repeat… NO, I am not pregnant… no one is pregnant… hahaha.

I’m off to finish my coffee and have a second slice of our pumpkin spice cake!

Have a wonderful week!



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