“Homemade” Holiday Spice Cake


Homemade is not exactly accurate.  This cake is made from a box mix but I sorta think if you have to get the mixer out and turn the oven on it’s *almost* homemade.  Be prepared for a super easy cake recipe…  Here goes…

  1. Buy a boxed yellow cake mix.  They run anywhere from 1 – 2 bucks.  I’ve always heard you should keep a box on hand – they can be used for tons of dessert recipes.
  2. Follow directions on box…
  3. Here is my special part…. Remember when I bought that pumpkin pie spice a couple weeks ago?  Well, I added a tablespoon of the pumpkin pie spice and a splash of vanilla.  Then mixed…well, Milo mixed.


After it’s well mixed, pour into your greased and floured pan & bake according to directions.  We used a bunt cake pan because I think it looks prettier in our cake dome.  Seriously that is the only reason.  Ha!


Let your cake cool on a rack… While it’s cooling make this super easy caramel sauce that I mentioned in the pumpkin cheesecake post.  It’s Pioneer Woman’s and it is AMAZING.  That post that I linked to Pioneer Woman’s sauce is almost 2 years old but I was watching her Thanksgiving special earlier this week and she made the exact sauce and jarred it for all of her holiday pies!  It’s SO yummy.  Learn to make it and pour it on ALL THE DESSERTS!



Here is the hard part… After you make your caramel/brown sugar sauce, let it cool.  It’s SO hard to wait.  I actually coated my cake with a bit of it while it was a little warm because I wanted some to soak in and keep the cake moist.


Jar the rest of the sauce and use it for subsequent pieces of cake.  It makes for such a pretty presentation.


Told y’all it was easy.  It reminds me of the Cinnamon Cream Cake from Corner Baker… or that Amish friendship bread that I LOVE to eat with my morning coffee.  Have you had that?  Someone gives you some “starter” mix and it sits on your counter for a few days then you make friendship loaves and continue to pass around the recipe/starter.  I think it’s been around for a gazillion years… now I want some of that.  I’m going to have to go look on Pinterest to see if I can make a starter…  I haven’t had it in a while.

P.S.  Pumpkin Pie Spice doesn’t taste like pumpkin…it’s just a mixture of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and allspice.  You have to use it in conjunction with actual pumpkin to make a pumpkin pie/cake/cheesecake etc.

P.S.S.  I’ve had this cake mix in the pantry for a few weeks.  When I was at the grocery store last weekend they had boxes of spice cake in their holiday baking section… So I guess you could make it even easier by just BUYING a box spice cake mix… who knew.  But I think it’s still a good idea to have the plain cake mix and then you can use your spice cabinet to create whatever flavor your in the mood for!  Plus, having to actually measure out that tablespoon of pumpkin spice makes it feel a little more homemade, right?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

P.S.S.S.  Found this link to the starter for Amish Friendship Bread.  This is just the starter, once the starter is ready you can use your favorite Friendship Bread recipe.  I’ve never made the starter, it’s always been given to me… I may try it… supposedly because it is made from this “starter” or sourdough process it has some pretty great health benefits.

Until next time,



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