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Merry Christmas Eve…Eve!


The eve of Christmas Eve!  Yes!  Right now I’m feeling the old saying “as slow as Christmas” does not apply.  Even though I have been intentional about stopping and taking time to enjoy the moments/days lately they still seem to zoom by!  I’m subscribing to the saying “time flies when you’re having fun“…

Anyway, here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Carriage rides on cool nights around our town square…


Visiting fire stations to donate toys for tots…


Attending Holiday concerts featuring the amazing and talented cellist, Cady!


Creating salt dough ornaments with glitter…lots of glitter…  What can I say, ’tis the season for sparkling things!



Candlelight dinners with our favorite Christmas records…


Classic Christmas movies and even better family conversations… (I love the look on the big kids’ faces…)



Visits with Santa…


Family movie nights to see THE MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!! (Star Wars…)


Fresh baked cookies and the games we are all addicted to – Fibbage and Drawful.


Challenges to create Lego nativities… I don’t know why Milo insists on Chewbacca being involved.


Our Christmastime puzzle… I think we broke a record this year… Matt and I (with a little help from the kids) finished this one in less than 24 hours!



Making holiday gifts for friends & family… (the bigs made homemade granola and it was SO yummy!)



We are finishing up all the advent activities today and tomorrow.  For the first time in over a decade we won’t be having our “Asian Dinner” on Christmas Eve this year.  We’ll have it tonight.  Gage will be working late at church tomorrow night so going a day early will work better.

We’ll also spend time reading The Night before Christmas, continuing our streak of family game nights and welcoming more family and friends.  My heart is excited about church services tomorrow night with tiny candles and traditional carols – I always tear up.  Silent Night gets me every.single.time.  I’ve got big plans for a Christmas morning breakfast casserole and an even yummier baked ham dinner.  It will be an awesome time with family.

I hope your Christmas is full of beauty and peace… gratefulness and perspective.  And because I probably won’t check-in before, Happy New Year.  See you in 2016!

Merry Christmas!


Changing of seasons

Since I’m taking a “break” from work right now, my schedule looks much different.  It’s been just over a week and, honestly, I still feel like I’m just on vacation most days – but there is something nice about not having to check email or follow up on projects or even get up at a certain time.  Milo and I have spent a lot more time playing outside; taking walks and heading to the park.


The weather is unseasonable warm right now so we are enjoying it while we can.  And remember when I told y’all autumn in Texas isn’t that great?  Well, this fall has been beautiful.

december leaves.1

Lots of amazing bright colors and thick blankets of leaves to frolic through.  I’ve been teaching Milo to grab handfuls and throw them in the air and yell “I’m about to make it rain!”

december leaves.2

We definitely won’t be having a white Christmas this year (predictions are the temps will be in the 60s/70s) but the mild weather has allowed the tree leaves to slowly change and float to the ground the way they are supposed to.

The inside of our house looks a lot more like December though, and I’m soaking that in too.


There are bits of Christmas scattered all around the house.

Stockings and garlands and “Joy to the World” sheet music…


Tiny advent candles and a modern wire nativity that has been bent out of shape a few times (literally, not metaphorically – ha!)…


The paper village that I want to live in…


Merry Christmas plates and lots and lots of red plaid…


Bits of holly brought in from the  bush in our front yard…


Leftover gumdrops from homemade decorations on Little Golden Book Christmas stories.


The salt dough ornaments that we made have been divided between the family tree…


and the advent activity limb that is dwindling down as the days pass… (will post more on our activities next time)


All the gifts for our entire family of 5 (plus extended family) have been purchased and are wrapped under the tree.  We have been diligent about not over indulging this year – and that feels nice.


Little reminders about the meaning of the season…


And on most days you’ll hear one of two things in our home – Christmas music or Christmas movies!  And of course the smell of my favorite candle (Tis the season – how appropriate!) will be burning as well.


Whether it’s an actual season like autumn or winter… or a holiday season like Christmas… or just a season in your life where things are very different than they have been (that is definitely the case for me)… I hope you are slowing down to enjoy it while it’s here; to honor what is important to you and to recognize that it will soon change.

Thanks for reading!


On the first week of Christmas…

Do you know all the words to the 12 days of Christmas?  I’m totally good with the first 5 but then I start getting a little confused.  Is it 10 Lords a Leaping or Ladies milking… Oh wait, it’s Ladies Dancing?  See?!

Hennyway…we are finishing up our first week of advent 2015 and it’s off to a great start.  In my last post I shared our simple little advent calendar.  The first night of advent (I’m pretty sure it’s the same every year…) we opened Christmas jammies.


I love soft new winter-themed jammies!  You can get them every year at a steal from Old Navy.  I’m pretty sure I now have at least 5 pairs of reindeer jammies.  This year I changed it up a little and got myself bunny jammies with little santa hats. ha!

Day 2 of Advent had all of us meeting up at target to pick out our annual ornament.  Each year we pick an ornament that goes on the “family tree”.  The best part of this tradition?  Going through the ornaments each year and talking about why we chose them.  There are some very funny stories and you can definitely tell what the kids were “into” that year.


We haven’t decorated our “family tree” yet.  But I did decorate “my” tree.   Haha – mine is the one with all matching ornaments that is downstairs.  The family tree is a real tree that we purchase each year that lives in the game room.  A photo of my tree…


Day 3 was all about crafting… Cady and I love the crafting activities.  The boys go along with it because they know it makes us happy.  This past week LaLa was here visiting and she is super into crafting too so she enjoyed helping us make a Christmas Paper Village.


I love how it turned out.  It’s one of our favorite things in the house.


This past Friday night was Day 4 of our Advent and we headed up to our city hall for the lighting of the city’s Christmas tree.




Saturday morning (the 5th Day) we started a new tradition.  We drove an hour away to a small Christmas tree farm.  It was so much fun.  We walked around for a while and finally found the perfect tree.  Matt cut it down and we drug it back to our truck.  We also took lots of pics.











And then last night we decided to start making decorations for our new tree.  We didn’t get the tree all the way decorated but we started making old-fashioned candy and popcorn garlands.  This was Day 6 of our Advent activities.



Hopefully, we’ll finish up our tree tonight.

We’re off to a good start!

Thanks for reading,


P.S.  The announcement that I was waiting to make was that I have decided to leave corporate world for a while.

Believe it or not, this is in fact NOT my first badge pic with my company. This one is only about 10 years old.

Believe it or not, this is in fact NOT my first badge pic with my company. This one is only about 10 years old.

My company has been having layoffs on and off for the last decade it feels like.  I’ve been working in corporate telecom for 20 years and I felt it was time to move on to something new.  Thankfully my company was VERY generous with it’s severance package and I don’t have to decide any time soon what I’d like to do next.  We have prayerfully made this decision and although it feels like a HUGE change for me, I think I will settle in to a more relaxed lifestyle in no time!