Changing of seasons

Since I’m taking a “break” from work right now, my schedule looks much different.  It’s been just over a week and, honestly, I still feel like I’m just on vacation most days – but there is something nice about not having to check email or follow up on projects or even get up at a certain time.  Milo and I have spent a lot more time playing outside; taking walks and heading to the park.


The weather is unseasonable warm right now so we are enjoying it while we can.  And remember when I told y’all autumn in Texas isn’t that great?  Well, this fall has been beautiful.

december leaves.1

Lots of amazing bright colors and thick blankets of leaves to frolic through.  I’ve been teaching Milo to grab handfuls and throw them in the air and yell “I’m about to make it rain!”

december leaves.2

We definitely won’t be having a white Christmas this year (predictions are the temps will be in the 60s/70s) but the mild weather has allowed the tree leaves to slowly change and float to the ground the way they are supposed to.

The inside of our house looks a lot more like December though, and I’m soaking that in too.


There are bits of Christmas scattered all around the house.

Stockings and garlands and “Joy to the World” sheet music…


Tiny advent candles and a modern wire nativity that has been bent out of shape a few times (literally, not metaphorically – ha!)…


The paper village that I want to live in…


Merry Christmas plates and lots and lots of red plaid…


Bits of holly brought in from the  bush in our front yard…


Leftover gumdrops from homemade decorations on Little Golden Book Christmas stories.


The salt dough ornaments that we made have been divided between the family tree…


and the advent activity limb that is dwindling down as the days pass… (will post more on our activities next time)


All the gifts for our entire family of 5 (plus extended family) have been purchased and are wrapped under the tree.  We have been diligent about not over indulging this year – and that feels nice.


Little reminders about the meaning of the season…


And on most days you’ll hear one of two things in our home – Christmas music or Christmas movies!  And of course the smell of my favorite candle (Tis the season – how appropriate!) will be burning as well.


Whether it’s an actual season like autumn or winter… or a holiday season like Christmas… or just a season in your life where things are very different than they have been (that is definitely the case for me)… I hope you are slowing down to enjoy it while it’s here; to honor what is important to you and to recognize that it will soon change.

Thanks for reading!



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