Life Lately – end of January 2016

I thought leaving the corporate world a couple months ago would give me all sorts of free time during the day.  I’d have time to write, blog, organize…  The list of productive things I was going to accomplish was long.  Surprisingly enough though, I haven’t really done any of that… ha!  Milo and I spend a lot of time together doing good stuff (library, walks, learning activities – having 2 older kids makes me realize just how quick these years will pass).  I do get all the “home” stuff done during the day so we don’t have to worry about it in the evenings or weekends – cleaning, prepping meals, grocery shopping, finances.  But it seems like the days slip by quickly…  And here we are now at the end of the month and it seems like this year just started yesterday!

So what have we been up to this past month?  Well…

1. My photography challenge has continued. 

Week 2 was Landscape: Traditional


Week 3 was Artistic: Red (just means take whatever kind of photo you want but try and have red as a focal color.)


Week 4 was Portrait: Headshot ( I was originally going to take a photo of someone in the family but this opportunity presented itself when Kiki was napping in one of his favorite spots in the afternoon sun.)


You can see there is a pattern.  It goes Portrait, Landscape and then Artistic – but each week has a different spin.  This week’s is Landscape: black & white.  Next week’s is Artistic: Candy.  And then the next is Portrait: faceless.  Fun, huh?  I’ll head out this weekend (it’s going to be in the 70s!!!) and get my Landscape: black & white captured.  I’ve got a few ideas.

2. I’m teaching part-time!


Headed to our first day at the Refugee Outreach Center

Yep, you read that right. I always thought after the big kids were older I’d do more missionary work and teach English in some faraway country.  I LOVED my time in Africa and China and have longed to do that work again some day.  Well, recently I was at a women’s ministry event at our church and came across an organization that teaches ESL (and also citizenship and GED classes) to refugees.  I immediately contacted them and within a few days I had signed on to teach two days a week.  And Milo gets to go with me and be part of a wonderful preschool program they host.  I love it!  In my class alone, I have refugees from Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  And the outreach center where I teach is only 11 miles from my house.  God is so great at finding the perfect opportunities to use our talents.  I will post more on this soon – I’ve only been there 2 weeks!

3. Spending time with this gal…


I don’t know what Cady is doing in that first pic but it’s funny…  2nd pic is seeing a special screening of The 5th Wave – it was really good!  (It’s geared toward Cady’s age, she really enjoyed the book)


I should mention I also spend time with Gage but apparently have zero pictures of any of that!  Mostly we grocery shop and eat together.  Gage works ALL.WEEKEND.LONG so we only see him during the week.  He’s headed to Utah next week and I’m jealous of all the pretty snow he and Alyssa will get to see and play in!

4. Spending time with the guy…


Headed downtown on the train!

One of Matt’s Christmas gifts was Stars! Tickets so we took the train downtown and went to the game last week.  It was so fun!  I haven’t been to a Stars game in FOREVER and it was nice to get away.  Both of our Birthdays and Valentine’s Day in next month so I bet we get in a few more date nights over the next couple of weeks too.

5. Entertaining this little…


Morning coffee…and early mornings suck.


We spend a lot of time at the Nature Preserve if the weather is nice.


No words… You can’t turn away for a second or there is trouble!


Spending time at the library for storytime, puppet shows and just reading…


Feeding (ok, terrorizing) the ducks at any and all local ponds.

I told you, we keep each other busy!

I’ll have to post about our 1. master bedroom switch-up (I decided I needed a change and so far we are liking the new arrangement), 2. the Valentine projects I’m working on, and 3. several yummy recipes I’ve found over the last couple of months.  And also, I’m trying to lose 20 lbs…  I’m 10 down so only 10 to go but y’all know that last 10 pounds in pretty much impossible.  I had teetered over into the “overweight” category so I figured it was time to try a bit harder.  It super sucks.  I don’t like vegetables, exercise or small portions.  I do however like naps, chocolate and pizza. So there’s that… But I’m working really hard at it.  I’m learning to like veggie smoothies… I’m learning to eat less bread and potatoes (maybe)… and I’m learning that I don’t need to eat a king size reeses peanut butter sleeve before I go to bed every night.  I’ve also been very dedicated in ensuring I get my 10K steps in each day.  Listen, those things may not seem like a lot, but they are helping.  Plus Matt and I signed up for a new wellness program where we get amazon gift cards for doing healthy stuff – win!

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Life Lately – end of January 2016

  1. Doug and Bambi Simpson

    Hey Kimberly, this is your uncle Doug. Wow time has gotten away and it has been so long. You have a beautiful family and I really like all of your post’s. I was just reading information about mom and dad and came across your posting about picking berries. Those were very special days. It is hard to believe time has gone by so quickly. I just wanted to say hi and I hope things are going well for you and your family. Take care and we love you. Doug and Bambi


    1. Kimberly Post author

      Thank you Uncle Doug! I’m so happy to hear from you! Please give your family a big hug. I love following Rachel and her sweet girls on facebook! What cuties! I’m pretty sure Rachel was about 5 the last time I saw her in person. Yes, those times when we were young at the grandparents’ house in Hearne were so special. I miss them all the time. 🙂



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