A quick trip to the shore…

Semesters are ending, temps are rising, and this family is easing into summer mode.  Big exhales.  I can’t wait to “open our pool” soon and spend hot afternoons lounging on my recently purchased pizza raft. ha!

The semester for the school where I was helping to teach English recently ended.  We celebrated our graduating students this past weekend.


Of course that means that Milo’s preschool time there ended as well.  It was truly a gift to be able to work with the refugees and also for Milo to have the chance to go to school with children from different parts of the world with varying cultures.


Preschool performance…

Our local preschools and even the elementary school he will attend are very Dallas suburb with very little diversity.  I loved the time we were able to spend there.

After the graduation, Matt, Milo, and myself loaded up for a quick weekend road trip.  The Bigs had other weekend plans so it was just the three of us.  We had two missions – 1. to see the giant sand box called the beach that I had been telling Milo about 2. Visit with one of our sweet friends and her new baby!  I’m happy to report we succeeded with both.

First night on the beach…


searching for seashells…


Big Boy talks…

We were up early the next morning for breakfast and headed back out for more exploring…and sand play…and burying Daddy…



Matt can sleep anywhere…even with a bucket pillow…

After we were adequately full of sand, we headed back to our room to shower and explore other parts of the island.  Milo loved the sand so much that he was literally rolling around in it.  His ears and hair and shorts were packed with sand and he loved it!  Meanwhile, I get just a little sand on me and I immediately feel sticky and want to rinse off!

We ate a seafood lunch at one of my fave restaurants and then headed to the pier.  I committed to riding the giant Ferris Wheel and super regretted it about 5 minutes in.  I know this pic looks like I’m having fun, but that’s a lie.


I was scared to death.  And also we totally saw SHARKS swimming around when we were way up there.  I mean come on!  Heights and ocean water are two of my biggest fears!  I don’t even go in the ocean because I’m afraid of what’s in there.  I was SO happy to get off that thing…


Next we let Milo ride a few rides on his own and he fell in love with the bumper cars.  The kid is obsessed with cars anyway and has talked about bumper cars nonstop since…


After finishing up an afternoon at the pier and then doing a little shopping we headed back to our room.  We napped and then headed back out to the beach for a final sunset that evening.


Chasing birds

We were lucky to have the beach almost to ourselves the whole time we were there.  It was such a fun experience for Milo.  We have plans on heading to a beach much further from home in the future but we’ll just have to plan that when it’s possible.  For now, it was a short fun getaway for a couple of days.

And of course on the way home we stopped in and saw that new baby…and she was perfection…


In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be celebrating all three of the kids birthdays!  I can’t wait!  And also, Mother’s Day was a success as well.  We lunched at my favorite restaurant and ate loads of cheesecake and Matt waited on my all weekend (which translates to he let me take tons of naps which is my favorite hobby).


Hopefully your summer plans are shaping up and like us you are readying yourself for patio dinners and cold drinks!

Until next time – thanks for reading!




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