Hello Sweet June

June is one of my favorite months.  It’s when all 3 of my babies were due (Gage came a week early, but was technically due in June).  It’s the month that most of the May rains cease and the temps rise enough for sprinklers and pool time.  It’s when school gets out, time slows a bit, and I add stacks and stacks of books to my summer reading list.


I love half-price books.  I can load up on $3 books – even cheaper than Kindle.  I’ve got a nice stack waiting on my nightstand for me!  Milo picked up some favorites too.

Yep, I love sweet June – she’s a keeper.

What’s up Lately…

We’ve been celebrating that aforementioned birthday of Gage.


Alyssa flew in the night before Gage’s birthday.  Matt and I picked her up from the airport and she was able to totally surprise him when we got home.  Our family is NOT good at keeping secrets so the fact that we were able to pull that off says something!

Also for Gage’s birthday, he decided he wanted to do an “escape room“.  It’s one of those experience activities.  You pick your adventure (could be detective, zombies, mystery etc.) and then you try and escape a room with that specific theme.  We did a murder mystery and did really well.  We “escaped” so that’s a win.


Also… we bought a new pool float…  It took all the big kids and me to air that bad boy up…


It was getting a ton of use…


Until this…


Just as our pool was opening, it got shut down.  LOL!  We are actually doing a backyard remodel.  Completely renovating our pool (like pretty much getting a NEW pool – this was the first stage of demo).  We are getting all new tile and coping (the stone that surrounds the pool) and also ripping out the bottom to resurface it and upgrade from plaster.  We are excited!  After the pool reno is done, we are having our old fence ripped out and replaced.  We’ve done a ton to our backyard in the 2 years we’ve lived here, so hopefully this will complete it!  It should be done in the next week or so, so we’ll have the rest of the summer to enjoy it! Yay!


In other news…  Our whole family is signed up for bike ride in a couple weeks, so we’ve all been trying to find time to get some practice in.


I always think of Blair Witch Project when we are near woods like this…

I’ve learned from this practice that I will NOT be doing the 30 mile but instead the 20.  Ha!  My booty can’t take that skinny seat for hours on end!  I can’t believe I used to ride more than 70 miles in a day.  You’d think with the extra “natural” padding I’ve acquired that it would be easier – not so.

And I also want to add that Cady and I went to see Me Before You the other night.  I love the book but it was just heartbreaking and emotional for me.  It really made me…sad.  So know what you are getting into if you want to see it.


It’s a good film, but they literally handed out tissues at our screening… so go prepared.

And the last update I have for y’all is this… And it’s a big one…


I’ve accepted a position at a local financial firm (1.5 miles from my house)!  I know!  I can’t believe it.  We totally planned for me to stay home until Milo started Kinder next year (Fall of 2017).  But honestly, I’ve decided that he needs to be in a full-time preschool program this fall.  And if he is going to be in a full-time program, I should probably consider getting a job.  I only interviewed with this company because I just had a good feeling about them and I was right.  My schedule will still be flexible like it was in my last job.  And we got him into a great private preschool that is super close to us.  This was a position I couldn’t pass up.  The flexible work hours, the salary and the company are A+.  I’m thrilled.  It did take 6 rounds of interviews (wow!) and a 30 min presentation… they aren’t kidding about being selective about their employees!  God  is good and I totally left it in His hands whether I would go back to work or not and he answered faithfully!  I’m so grateful that I got to take 6 months off from work.  I loved spending so much time with my family and my little Milo.  I loved volunteering and having time to do things I hadn’t had time to do in years.  I will always be grateful for that time, but I have realized that I also love working and this is the right decision for our family.  In the past I’ve worked solely for financial reasons, it’s been a great experience seeking and accepting a job because I wanted to, not because I had to.  So yay for me!  Matt and I even went shopping for a new work wardrobe last week for the days I’ll be in the office – yessss!

This weekend we are celebrating our girl’s 16th birthday.


I’m lucky to be her Mama and if I’m extra lucky maybe she’ll let me hang out with her and her friends at her party.  ha!  Initially she said that Matt and I couldn’t even be in the restaurant where her party is being held.  She has since modified that request and said that maybe we can just sit at another nearby table… Teenagers are so fun.

And I’ll leave you with this.  Part of my photog challenge.  Fantasy.  This is Milo going over the edge of our pool’s waterfall in one of his toy boats.  Fun stuff! 😉  He cracks up at this photo because he doesn’t “remember” taking it.  What  can I say, 3 year olds don’t understand photoshop.


Happy June and Happy Summer!

Thanks for reading,



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