I bought some new boots – must be September…

I realize that September in Texas = summer type weather, but STILL.  I want to buy all the Fall shoes!  Sweaters? Not so much… but give me a pair of super soft suede or worn leather booties any day.  Next week I’m in Michigan (and Canada – yes, Canada for a tiny bit) so I plan to bust out those suckers.

Anyhoo, we have been sucking up every last second of summer lately. We’ve completed a few projects around the house, I went on a Girls’ Trip to South Carolina, and school is back in session.

It’s ironic that I went back to find the post about our laundry room and it was the first post of September last year. ha! I had plans back then to do a slight makeover on the laundry room in the next couple of weeks…well, it took a year. Not sure why we never got around to it, but we just didn’t.  I got up a few weeks ago and I was like… “hmmm, I think I’ll start the laundry room.”  Here’s where we started.


And where we ended…


I had to paint the walls, paint the trim, paint the cabinets and replace the hardware.  We bought a new light, new baskets (we stores tons of off season stuff in those baskets), a drying rack, and a rug.

It was nice to take all the old junk off the walls.  We now only have the drying rack, broom hooks, and a set of hooks for our ironing board.


I put up the faux subway back splash and Matt built that shelf (I love it!!).  It’s nice to just use the under cabinet lights at night for a night light in the hall.


So that’s it – a quick weekend refresh.  We’ve been discussing some more big home projects lately but I just can’t decide.  I’d love to do a complete kitchen and master bathroom remodel but then my next thought is “nah, let’s just sell in a couple years and buy what we want…” I go back and forth. And after the issues of remodeling the pool/backyard, I’m not sure my nerves can take it.

So onto a much MORE FUN topic – our Girls Trip to South Carolina!  Renee and I flew to Charleston, SC to visit our good friend Kelly who lives in the area.  I’ve known Renee and Kelly for longer than I have not – since we were kids.  We went to grade school together and then have kept in touch.  It’s so fun that we can just pick up where we left off – even if it’s been years.


The only thing we did more than gab gab gab, was eat and drink! I can’t wait until our next get together!

Let’s see…what else?  Cady started back to school…


She drove herself…I can’t decide if I love it or hate it.  Okay, so I love it when I need chocolate and don’t feel like driving to get it.  But it makes me a little sad that she is already so grown up.  We have it on our calendars to go shopping for a homecoming dress this weekend.  She has a boyfriend and is REALLY excited about it this year.  sigh…

Milo also started PreK.  I’m not sure why I didn’t take a pic on his first day, but he’s been doing great.  His favorite thing is reading and he is constantly reading to Matt and I.


He and Matt also got “back to school” hipster haircuts.  Adorbs, right?



Gage’s internship ended at the end of August and he already moved out. waaaaah!  I miss him so much and it’s just not the same… I’m holding his and Alyssa’s cactus hostage though, so I know they will be back soon enough.

So are you ready for all the pumpkin stuff to start?  Fall leaves and football and flannel?  I’m not actually ready, but time marches on.  We’ll enjoy it when it gets here.  Until then I’m going to cling to the last bits of summer sun…in my new booties.


Until next time, thanks for reading!


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