About the audience:

The employees in this organization work in various departments with different functions. The employees work on multiple campuses and their roles range from administrative support to senior professional. Due to time constraints and a desire to complete the design of this course, it would not be possible for the subject matter expert or instructional designer to interview individuals. To better understand the competence levels of the participants who would be taking this course, a sampling of team managers were given a list of questions to discuss in their staff meetings.

The following questions were asked:

  1. Do you currently use Office 365 or any of its suite of applications?
  2. If you are currently using Teams, how are you using it? If yes, please capture specific uses and examples.
  3. What barriers are keeping you from using Microsoft Teams or other Office 365 applications?
  4. Does your team currently use a chat application? If yes, which one and how are you using it? What are the benefits?
  5. Tell me about how your team currently shows recognition.
  6. How does your team currently give project/task updates?
  7. Does your team use their mobile device for work functions?

Results of surveying audience:

  • Nine out of 14 teams reported back after their team meetings with responses to the questions.
  • One team has successfully implemented the Teams application into their daily work.
  • One team uses the application for chat and asking other team members questions if they need help.
  • Four teams reported that they do use other Office 365 applications, but not Teams.
  • All teams reported they show recognition in some way – most did not specify a method. More than half of the responses reported that project updates were given digitally, if given at all.
  • All teams use mobile devices for work in some capacity.
  • When asked about barriers, the responses varied from not understanding the purpose of the application to being unfamiliar with how to use it.

Limitations of Data Collection:

The limitations for this audience analysis was time and geography. The SME, nor the Instructional Designer, could be at all of the team meetings due to schedules and locations. Although several of the questions given to the staff managers were open discussion type questions, the notes received back were very short. More discussion happened, but everything was not written down. When the responses were collected from the managers, the verbal feedback received was that their staffs were excited about having the opportunity to learn a new application that would help them with their work, however, this was information was not indicated in the responses.