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Anniversary Picnic

Matt and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend.  We are always up for heading downtown for an event or play so when I got an invite to the Nasher ’til Midnight outdoor picnic and movie, I knew we should go.  And of course, Matt agreed!  We have always loved going for picnics at Shakespeare in the Park so I was hoping this event would be similar.  It was even better!  So fun!  I should mention… It was a romantic evening out…


But Cady has been gone for most of the summer… and we kinda missed her and she was about to leave for church camp… so she came with us! ha!


I seriously LOL when I look at that pic.  She also had a blast, she said so multiple times and even snapchatted some pics to friends telling them how cool the whole place was.


We pre-ordered a picnic basket catered by Wolfgang Puck’s café.  It was yummy.  Fried chicken, garlic creamy mashed potatoes, a veggie tray, a side salad and rolls with honey butter and sticky buns for dessert.  On the veggie tray were some TINY pickles… lol – obvi I had to take a pic.


There were a couple bands that played for the first 2 hours we were there.  We ate and then walked around the grounds and even strolled thru the museum for a bit (the Nasher is a sculpture museum.)


and ate popsicles.  This is Cady's pic. :)  Love it!

and ate popsicles. This is Cady’s pic. 🙂 Love it!

Matt in the Phyllida Barlow "tryst" exhibit.  It's experiential art - you felt like you were in a funhouse with lots of mirrors but you weren't.  Creepy.

Matt in the Phyllida Barlow “tryst” exhibit. It’s experiential art – you felt like you were in a funhouse with lots of mirrors but you weren’t. Creepy.


Once the band finished up, the movie started.  “Big Eyes” was the perfect “art” movie to show at this event.


It was such a fun evening.  We will definitely do this again!


Movie Review: Focus


The stars randomly aligned this week and I was able to get in a midweek date night with Matt.  My previous plans were canceled due to this crazy weather so it enabled us to attend the screening of Focus – Will Smith’s latest flick.  This movie has been on my radar cause, well, who doesn’t love Will Smith?  And also, that Margot Robbie is hot.  Js.

Will Smith plays Nicky, a seasoned con artist with lots of experience and “jobs” under his belt.  Margot Robbie plays Jess, the novice wannabe con girl that needs Nicky to teach her the ropes.  He does… for a little while… and then he says goodbye – seemingly breaking both of their hearts.  A few years later they meet up again and from that point on you won’t know who is conning who – and trust me, there are several characters with various agendas and different levels of deceptions happening.

While the premise of this movie is an old one, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have it all figured out by the end.  When the movie was over, I told Matt my overall opinion was that it was very “Oceans 11 with a lot of raunchiness thrown in”.   There are some great one liners (inappropriate as they may have been I was seriously laughing out loud) and the wit and fast pace was great too.

All in all, great movie for some laughs and entertainment.  It’s not for the young ones – it earns it’s R rating for dirty language and low down shady behavior – but I enjoyed it!

Movie Review – Gone Girl

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you are probably fully aware that there is a book and now a movie called Gone Girl.  If for some reason you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is:

Gone Girl Trailer

And I’d like to point out a quick scene from the trailer.  Nick Dunne (one of the main characters) owns a bar called The Bar.  He visits there a couple times during the movie and at one point drives by the outside to see the media frenzy that is happening because of his missing wife.



And because I am a superfan, I insisted that while we were visiting Missouri last summer we visit the location the movie was filmed.

On location where Gone Girl was filmed.  (The Bar in Cape Girardeau, MO)

On location where Gone Girl was filmed. (The Bar in Cape Girardeau, MO)

ANYWAY!  Matt and I went and saw the movie last week.  It’s superb, go see it!  It follows the book quite closely.  There IS a lot of sexual content (a bit much I thought… but I guess it was added for shock value, you will see parts of Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris that you have never seen) and a really graphic gory scene that was a little over the top – so consider yourself warned.  I thought the actors did an exceptional job (even tho Rosamund Pike’s voice kinda got on my nerves – it’s hard for me because she will always be the quiet sister Jane from Pride and Prejudice).

I may or may not have seen this movie at least 100 times...

I may or may not have seen this movie at least 100 times…

Matt did a fantastic job on his review.  Check it out for additional info.  And then go see the movie…

You can also find some other good reviews on current movies if you are looking for something a little different.

The Mungle Show – Movie Reviews and Much More…

Cady and I are headed to see a screening of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day this week. I’ll let ya’ll know what I think.

September Date Night – The Rocky Horror Show

Wyly Theater Dallas, TX

Wyly Theatre
Dallas, TX

Matt and I try and get away for a date night every now and then.  Usually a couple times a month.  This month we decided to double date with some good friends of ours and have dinner in uptown and then head over to the Wyly Theatre for a live production of The Rocky Horror Show.  Neither of us had ever been to a live production and I had never even seen the movie… While it will probably offend you in every way possible, it was so super fun!

We started our evening at Barter in uptown.  Barter had a cool atmosphere with a contemporary western feel and a small live band.  The menu was created by Tim Love – you may recognize his name from several Food Network shows.  He’s well-known so I was excited to give this place a try.  I started out with a skinny cougar from the cocktail menu and it was yummy – vodka, watermelon juice, lemon juice and mint syrup.  Matt and I then shared a burger, fries and texas hummus.  Our friends tried the soft crab fajitas with carrot home fries.  Our burger was great – you can’t really go wrong with a burger at a “western” restaurant.  The hummus was good, nothing special.  Our friends enjoyed the soft crab fajitas but said the carrot home fries were a little SPICY.  I tried a tiny bite and I felt the heat so just beware of those… Our tab (hummus, burger, a cocktail and a beer) was right at $40.  Our friend’s tab (crab fajitas, carrot fries, a cocktail and beer) was closer to $60.  I’d check the menu before you go if your interested.  It’s a small menu so make sure they’ve got something you like for the amount you want to spend.

Next we drove downtown to the arts district to attend our show at the Wyly Theatre.   If you’ve never been to a production at the Wyly, you should make an effort to go.  It’s so fun! You feel like you are part of the action – it’s small and intimate and the way they utilize the stage and space is fantastic!  We were given a bag of props (Rocky Horror is known for audience participation) to use while the show was on.  It was a BLAST!  I actually got to shoot people in the face with a water gun!  Not everyone got props and of those who did, many didn’t think to fill up their water gun before the show!  We also got to wave glow sticks, throw confetti and cards and wrap the stage and audience with toilet paper… BLAST, I’m telling ya.  My girlfriend and I even got special drinks in our theatre sippies and they must have been really good because she danced The Time Warp on stage with some of the players! Ha!  If I could have taken a picture, I would have – but what happens at the Rocky Horror has to stay at the Rocky Horror, no pics.

I’m not sure what we’ll plan for a special October date, but I hope it’s as fun as this one!