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Pumpkin Patch 2015 – Preston Trail Farms, Gunter, TX

Taking a bit of a break from my Me & Martha series to post some pics from our trip to the Pumpkin Patch this year.  It’s funny because as Matt and I were eating our picnic lunch and watching all the kids run around feeding the animals and picking pumpkins, I was like “So when you were a kid, did your parents take you to a pumpkin patch in the Fall?”  Of course he said no… I never went to a pumpkin patch either as a kid?  I guess it’s a newer thing?  Matt is from the Midwest and I’m from the South… so maybe it’s a northeast thing?  The only reason I knew what a pumpkin patch was is because of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin…  (which is coming on tomorrow night on ABC! 7 central!)


We’ve loved going to the pumpkin patch for years with the older kids.  I used to take the kids to the patch in Flower Mound, TX.  We lived about 10 minutes away so it was always convenient.  However, it is always so crowded.  yikes.  Same goes for the Dallas arboretum.  It’s beautiful but crowded and a little pricey and not that much fun for the little littles.  So this year we decided to drive a bit north and visit Preston Trail Farms.  Gage had to work and Cady was away for the weekend but that was ok because I knew this place would be more geared for Milo’s age/kids.  It was $8 to get in but that includes a cup of animal feed for the petting barn, a hay ride and a hot dog for your lunch.  In my book, that’s a pretty good deal.  When we arrived the first thing Milo saw was this barrel train thing so I took a ride with him on it.  It literally went about 1 mile per hour!  Seriously!  It went all over the farm though so it was fun for him.


Next up was wondering the rows of pumpkins. This farm actually grows pumpkins.  There were plenty still on the vine that weren’t even ripe yet.  It was fun to see them in all different stages.


Matt had the camera for this outing so there are actually quite a few pics of me in this bunch…you are in for a treat.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t use most of them because he has a fondness for taking pics that include my backside.


This is a pic I posted on Instagram…


Milo and I have talked so much about gardening and growing veggies/fruits this year that it was nice to be able to show him this diagram and then he could actually SEE the pumpkins on the vine.


Next up was feeding all the barn animals.


And then of course a hay maze!


I was impressed with the maze!  It was pretty long and had lots of dead ends.  He would have run around in there forever.

After the maze we decided to wait for the next hay ride.  Here’s another pic from Instagram:


You can barely see the hay ride way off to the left.  We watched from the fence and then Milo watched as the barrel train came back around.


Loaded up on the ride…


Once the hay ride got going, Milo just about fell asleep.  Again… It wasn’t like it went fast. Another insta pic:


After the hay ride we grabbed our lunch and found a nice spot on the grass to eat.  I guess we were busy eating because Matt didn’t take any pictures of this!  We had brought our own water and goldfish and the farm provided the hot dogs.  After lunch we let Milo sit on all the tractors and also ride/pedal the kid ones.  The weather was perfect.  We had a cold front come in Friday, so Saturday morning’s weather was exceptional.


And I grabbed the camera and tried to get a photo of Milo & Matt, but he is not really into posed pics.


We walked around the tractor & feed store before we left.  I wanted a cold coke and of course they had a John Deere tractor toy display so somebody got another new toy tractor…


We had such a great time.  I would 100% suggest Preston Trail Farms up in Gunter if you have little kids.  So much to do and very reasonably priced.  We are planning on carving our pumpkins one evening this week.  The past couple of years we have painted them – this year we are going old school and breaking out the carving tools!  I’m even going to make a pumpkin pie from one of them! (maybe)