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An office update that we really weren’t even working on…

This past weekend was relaxing yet productive as well.  It was kinda quiet with most everyone gone all weekend except tiny & me.  Gage was at Disney World for a conference.  Cady had homecoming game Friday night then all sorts of “HoCo” activities Saturday and then the dance that night.


This was Matt’s weekend to help lead worship at church so he was gone for the most part too.  Milo and I enjoyed the slow rain on Saturday morning and even took the opportunity to play in the puddles and break in his new wellies.


I also finished up an ongoing project that has lasted nearly a year…framing in the shelves in the office/craft/music room.  I just looked and it is almost EXACTLY a year since this POST about our “office”.  And don’t get me wrong, the space worked pretty well.  The issue was the desk placement.


You always see beautiful office pics with desks backed up to windows like this. Well, um… I actually work from my desk all day and I’m here to tell you, unless you have some sort of blackout curtains the glare from a window (even with blinds closed) is too much on your computer screen.  So I ended up always working from a different place in the house at certain parts of the day.  Months ago I finally turned the desk around and I used it like this for a while…

not so great iPhone pic…

You can also (barely) see that in the above pic I painted my desk white.  I’ve wanted a white desk in here for a while, but I was afraid to take the plunge.  I finally did and I love it.  I wasn’t crazy about the placement of the desk but it worked until I could change things up.  Finally a couple of weeks ago we decided to build in the bookcases.  This consisted of 2 things.  1. applying a wider “facing” to the fronts of the shelves where they meet vertically  2. adding crown to the top.  There are a million tutorials out there on how to “build-in” billy bookcases so I’ll spare you the step by steps, but allow me to share a cute pic of the boys buying the crown moulding at Home Depot…


Since we had to do some moving around at this point, I decided I wanted to actually nest my desk “in” the shelves.

Here it is today:


I really like how it turned out.   And that blanket on the chair isn’t “styling” – it’s functional, it’s freezing in this room for some reason.  ha!


This room really does function as a work room for us.  I work there all day.  The kids play piano, cello, etc in there.  And it’s also our craft room.  So the shelves are full of all our craft supplies.


I think having the desk against the wall opens up the space more.


And of course we still have our chalk board craft table (that converts to a much larger table when you fold out the sides) on wheels so it can easily be rolled into the middle of the room if several of us are working on a project.


There are still a few small things that I need to do to finish out the room.  I want a new light/chandelier.  I would generally never take a ceiling fan down in Texas, but as I mentioned before – this room is so cold!  I’ll probably DIY something cool for the light.  I also ordered a really cool large typographic sign for above the piano from a friend’s etsy shop.

I’m thinking about putting our Christmas tree in there this year as well.  That bay window opens to the front of the house so it would be pretty.  Plus, I love love love looking at the Christmas tree so having it in my “office” where I can stare at it all day seems like an amazing idea.


Our “new” bedroom armoire

I mentioned in the last post that we are in the process of switching some furniture around upstairs to get our guest bedroom ready to become Gage’s room.  The guest room and guest room closet is sort of a catch-all for furniture that didn’t have a spot in the rest of the house but we didn’t want it in the garage.  That’s why this giant TV cabinet was in there.  It’s a nice piece although ever since we moved to flat screen TV’s years ago it’s been repurposed for other things.  For a long time it was in Milo’s nursery in our old house for storage.


OMG I just dug thru my Instagram to find a few pics of the armoire when it was in Milo’s nursery (this was all I could find) and now I’m blubbering because my baby used to be so small!  Waaaaah!  Moving on…  We used it for diaper storage and Matt put additional shelves in it for his books, extra clothes, etc.  It worked well.  When we moved into this house he transitioned to more of a big boy room and the armoire was relegated to the guest room.


Honestly it was perfect in there.  I’ve used it for linens and other storage items.  But like I said, the room is very sweet and cute and not something Gage would choose for himself.  Plus he needs an actual set of chest of drawers so I decided to move this piece to our room.  Of course not before I ordered some of those nifty furniture movers last week.  Matt and I moved this beast up the stairs and across the second floor by OURSELVES.  We *almost* died.  So this time I ordered some of those furniture sliders and the move to our room was WAY easier.  Here it is in our room:


I guess Matt had already removed the top set of knobs.  I decided on Miss Mustard Seeds Milk paint in Artissimo.  It’s a dark navy – even darker if you use the antique wax (which I did). Here are some examples of the color since the lighting in our bedroom isn’t great:


From here and here.

I spent part of Saturday morning working on it and then finished it up on Sunday afternoon.  I lightly sanded the piece then filled in the holes where the old knobs were.  Then two coats of artissimo and then antique wax.


The new pulls are from home depot.  I found some relatively cheap silver ones for a little over $2 and then spray painted them the same gold as the lamp. Gold bar pulls are EXPENSIVE I found several online that I loved and they were like $40 a piece! what?!  We used the same hinges, I just sanded them a bit to make them more shiny.



And if you are wondering how we have this much space to have an armoire and rocker at one end of our master bedroom, here’s a peek at the other side.


So we still have tons of room in there.  crazy.  Hopefully I can get a post up about the guest room progress soon. I’ve redone the desk that was in there – it started as Gage’s desk when he was a little boy, then Cady inherited it and we painted it tiffany blue.  When she got new furniture it ended up in the guest room and Matt used to use it when he worked from home.  Matt and I also built a custom wooden valance for the windows.  I bought a new quilt for the bed… We’ve hung new artwork… I think I just need to decide what I want to do with the headboard and side table that is in there.  More to come!

A craft from Cady and a mini tour of her room

I thought I’d post this simple but cute DIY tissue paper/tassel garland that Cady did last week.  You can find these everywhere online for 20-30 bucks.  No thank you, they are easy and fun to make!  I also took a few pics of her room because it is RARELY clean!


Here are the steps.


1. Gather supplies: A few packs of tissue paper, scissors, thick string to lace your pom-poms through.  Cady chose colors that coordinated with her room, but you could use colors for a party, nursery, etc.  We also found some gold string on clearance at Hobby Lobby – that was sort of the determining factor, it was cheap.  Embroidery string would also work great.

2. Start with a single piece of tissue paper. Fold it in half.

3. Fold in half again.

4. Fold in half again.  I put arrows on the above graphic to show which direction to fold.

5. & 6. Cut strips into the paper leaving about an inch at the top.

7. Unfold the paper and cut in half.  This will give you 2 pom-poms. Put one aside.

8. Unfold pom-pom and start to roll from bottom.  Be sure to keep your “streamers” relatively untangled on the sides.

9. Once your pom-pom is rolled up start twisting that middle section.  Twist tight.

10. & 11. Twist your section over on itself until it form sort of a loop.

12. Repeat steps above until you have desired number of pom-poms.  Lace your pom-poms onto your string and hang!


Voila! So cute and trendy and takes less than a half hour and costs less than $5.

And as a bonus – here is a mini tour of Cady’s room.


I knew when I looked at this house that this was a great room for Cady.  It’s the size of a master and has a beautiful bay window and nice blond wood floors.


She has done a nice job adding her personal touches but still keeping it not “kiddy”.  Ya know?


I’d love to have a nice built-in bench at that bay window but for now that little couch folds into a full size bed for friends and company.


So now, go make a fun tissue garland for your house!  It would be a fun craft for any party, shower or even holidays.

The Living Room Built-in!

A few weeks ago we had some pretty serious flooding in Dallas.  It rained more in May than it did all of last year and we broke an ALL-TIME record for rainfall – like the most EVER! crazy… So anyway, Matt, Gage and myself were sitting around (again) watching movies (again) and bored (again).  Matt was so bored he was like “maybe we could rearrange the furniture or something?”  See, friends, that means he was off the charts bored! haha  So when he suggested that I said “Hey! We can start on our built-in shelves!”  You know, the ones we’ve been saying we were going to build for months…  I first mentioned them back in this post.  I shared the current situation:


and a photoshopped pic of what I had in mind…(I drew inspiration from Thrifty Décor Chick’s blog! She’s fantastic!)


And here they are in real life!


I love them.  Matt did a fantastic job!  Here are some “in  progress” pic.


First pic is when we first started – we had done all the measuring, removed trim and started placing boards.  Second pic is after we had closed in the pass-thru, tested out the light placing, and started on the internal shelves.  Third pic is after one coat of primer.  It took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.

All done!  Initially I was going to put crown molding on the top and bottom, but we are undecided now.  I like the modern look of the straight edges, I may change my mind later.  It took us only a few days of working for a couple hours here and there to do the whole thing!



I love the horizontal planks on the upper three shelves! So cottage-y! And those lights! They are outdoor patio lights! Way cheaper than the regular “art” lights and a little more rustic.

The styling may not be permanent.  I need to let it sink in for a while and I’ll add/edit things as they speak to me! 😉 For now, I’m loving them SO MUCH!  And the extra storage for all of Milo’s tiny toys on the bottom shelf is way nice too.


Housaversary – We’ve been here a year! (and a quick DIY art project)

I can’t believe we have lived in our home a year now!  Sometimes it feels like we have been here much longer and sometimes it feels like we just moved in.  The other day I had to go to the dentist (I still go to a dentist near our old house because I love my dentist!) and I drove thru our old neighborhood and for the first time in a long time I didn’t miss it.  It’s like I was seeing it through a fresh pair of eyes.  I’ve really come to love our new town and neighborhood and I don’t want to go back.  It’s hard to leave a place where you lived for so long and my kids went to elementary and junior high and Gage even graduated from the high school there.  We had so many fun memories in our old house it was always a little painful to drive by it.  So if you move into a new home be prepared that it may take a while to feel grounded there – to feel like it’s yours.

So to honor our one year anniversary at our new home I made a special art piece for our living room.  Roman numerals are all the rage in decorating right now so I’ve known I wanted to incorporate them on this wall in some way.  What I couldn’t decide is what numbers I wanted and what the finish on the letters should be.

At first I was going to use our closing date… Then I decided maybe our house number would be cool.  I thought about using 6-1-8 (as in six one eight)… then I asked Matt for his opinion and he liked 618 (as in six hundred eighteen) the best when we looked at all those numbers in roman numeral form.  Next up I was really undecided about painting them black or white or maybe doing a metal finish… should they be plain painted or rustic or antiqued?  I was reading over on Jenna Sue’s décor blog and she put some up that matched the dark gray color of her bedroom wall (she did her wedding date above their bed – a fantastic idea).  So I decided to try painting ours just the color of our walls and I love it.  It almost looks like 3D art.

Could be a special date, birthday, address - whatever!

Could be a special date, birthday, address – whatever!

address letters4

I bought the letters at Hobby Lobby for about $5 each.

I bought the letters at Hobby Lobby for about $5 each.

address letters6

This wall is a work in progress and I ordered a few fun prints that will give it a gallery feel. I need to get them framed tho – maybe next week? 😉

People often ask about those pics as well.  They were normal photos that I ran thru the waterlog app to give them that "painting" effect.  Then I printed them out and framed them.

People often ask about those pics as well. They were normal photos that I ran thru the waterlog app to give them that “painting” effect. Then I printed them out and framed them.

So that is the fun little half hour project I did over the weekend.  Matt and I have so many projects that we are working on that I’ll be relieved when we can start marking things off our list!  The cool thing is that we love this kind of stuff so it’s fun for us too!

Just for fun… a shot from a year ago and a shot from today…


woohoo! progress!

woohoo! progress!

Little updates to the Living Room


The last few days have been icy and snowy.  School has been cancelled, Matt was home from work – it was actually like WINTER!  I’ve got a nice fire in the fireplace and a hot cup of coffee so I figured it’s a good time to share a couple updates that we’ve done in our living room lately.  I haven’t shared photos of our living room on the Home Tour page so I’ll post a few in this post.

Here is where we started… (realtor pics from when our home was on the market)









Since moving in we haven’t done major updates to this room – nothing was really needed.  It’s bright and open and a great space for hanging out – plus you can see the TV from any room on the bottom floor.  Yay for open concept.  Obviously we added all of our own things when we moved which is a different style than the previous owners.  A few months later I re-stained the mantle – the original color was just too “orangey”.  We are slowly getting rid of the maple stained cabinets, vanities, etc throughout the house and the mantle was quick change.


Recently I’ve done 2 updates in this room though – little ones.  First of all, I changed up the mirror and décor on the mantle.  Y’all know I was pining away for one of these $500-$1000 window ones from Pottery Barn.


But I had a mirror on the mantle already.  It’s at least 15 years old but I knew I could jazz it up with some trim pieces we already had in the garage. Here is a shot of it from last fall…


All I did was tape it off and paint it with a shiny black spray paint we already had in the garage.  then I cut the trim pieces (all by myself!) and made sure they all fit.  I painted them with the same spray paint after I had cut them to the right size.  Then I glued them on the mirror.  That’s it.  Took less than 2 hours and most of that was drying time.  I also bought a couple “branches” from hobby lobby (4 for less than $10) and put them in an existing glass vase from the mantle.  I bent them toward the mirror – I love that they sort of look wind blown.


Easy Peazy.

The other “new” thing in the room is our chair.  I scoured the net looking for just the right classic chair in a neutral color.  I wasn’t up for spending more than $400… Matt and I went to World Market where we found this one for around $330 – but was on sale for $250!  BUT… it was sold out and discontinued. However, they offered us the floor model for $150 (we negotiated that down slightly)and I had a 20% off coupon so we got this bad boy for just over $100!  That’s a steal!  The ottoman I found at Target, also on sale from $100 to $60!


Those are the little updates that have been done in this room.  We have a bigger project in store and I’ll share a little about that one too… It will take several weekends but I’m super excited about it.  There is the weird pass thru from the kitchen to the living room.  I don’t get it and I do NOT like it.  Like I mentioned above, our bottom floor is open concept.  This is literally one of the only walls so I’m not sure whey they put a hole in it… lol  It serves no purpose – just looks dumb.  It would have been perfectly fine as a whole wall – the kitchen will still be VERY open to the living space.

Realtor Pic:


Current Pic and what we plan to do:


Some of my inspiration:


Sources: 1  2  3 

Here’s a photoshopped mock-up.  Ours will look will be very similar.  Same type of lights and cabinets below.


Will be fun, but will take some effort.  More to come! 🙂

Master bathroom refresh!


We recently finished up a refresh on our master bath.  We would love to do some remodeling in our master bathroom someday, but it’s not high on the priority list.  And when I say remodeling, I mean ripping out the old shower and tub and replacing them with a stand-alone modern tub and walk-in rain shower.  This is ours today (don’t get me wrong, it’s a great space – and BIG):


But I’d love to have something like this:

If and when we decide to replace tub and shower I’d also like to tear out the existing floor, get new vanities and all new fixtures – you know, spending 30K or so…  So yeah, that ain’t happenin’ anytime soon.  So we did a few updates that should hold us over for a while.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane.  This is what the room looked like when we looked at our house and also the day we moved in…



In the last year (since moving in) we took down those curtains (geez…), took down that towel rod over the bath and added shelves, and added a whimsical treatment to the tub.  Here’s what it looked like a couple of weeks ago.


Haha.  I know, not much different than a year ago.  But like I said, it’s a nice space and huge so we haven’t taken time to do much.  The main thing I wanted to change is the out-dated builder’s grade honey oak cabinets.  So now it looks like this.


We added some modern hardware to the doors/drawers and shelves to that middle section.  I love it!  The other thing we did that you can’t really see (and it took me hours of back breaking tedious work with a razor blade) is recaulking the shower.  If you’ve never done that, I wouldn’t wish it on my enemy.  Someone had half-ass caulked the shower and done a horrible job.  I had to rip all the old out that was nasty with mold and clean it and recaulk.  It’s so nice in there now.  We also did away with the hand-held shower head.  The new one is much simpler and clean.  You can probably see it in the pics above.  Our master bathroom + master bedroom is bigger than my first apartment – not kidding.  The master bathroom is long with our newly renovated “dressing room” on one end and the shower on the other.  For reference… this is from the closet looking toward the shower:


And this is standing next to the shower looking toward the closet:


The double doors to the left lead to the master bedroom.  The door on the right is the toilet room, which is also spacious with built in cabinets and a phone jack if you need to call someone. ha!  I’m definitely enjoying the space more since doing these updates.  And if you ever doubt the power of restaining, adding new hardware and a nice rug – don’t, it will do wonders!