Formative Evaluations:

For this workshop, formative evaluations will take place as feedback is gathered in a pilot session of the workshop. Post launch formative evaluation data will be gathered from instructor feedback concerning learning activities while the workshop is in session.

 The pilot session will be held early in the calendar year – this will give the L&D team time to make any needed changes before the launch of the course in the spring. The participant/pilot group will be made up of 10-15 invited employees in the organization from several teams in order to get a broad range of feedback. The participants in the pilot session will provide feedback on flow of class, ease of understanding of the material, and confidence levels during the learning activities. Once the data is gathered from the pilot participants and shared with the design and development team, changes can be made to the curriculum if necessary pre-launch.

Formative evaluations will also be part of the ongoing workshop sessions post-launch. Part of the learning activities designed for the course are for the instructor to walk around the room and gauge students’ comfort and competence learning the new skills. The students are also assessed on these new skills and this data is captured in the assessment checklist.

If the instructor notices that participants are struggling to grasp the concepts of the course or are not fully engaged with the content, this information is shared with designers and developers via a Trainer Report.

These trainer reports are analyzed and discussed at regular intervals by the L&D team. If trends present or feedback indicates a change in the content is needed, the L&D team will address those and make changes or updates that benefit the learner accomplishing the goals of the course. Each course is also evaluated (based on data collected) at the end of every year and decisions are made about continuing the course or making updates if the organizations’ over all goals or direction are changed.

Summative Evaluations:

Summative evaluations will take place after each session of the workshop and will gather feedback on how the students react to the workshop and also what the students have learned as part of being involved with the overall learning experience.

Summative evaluations take place at the end of each workshop. The participants will utilize a QR code which gives them access to an end-of-course evaluation via the Qualtrics application. The purpose of the summative evaluation is to assess whether the overall workshop is meeting the original goals:

  • At the completion of the course, participants will be able to use Microsoft Teams for staff communications and teamwork.
  • At the completion of the course, participants will understand the benefits of implementing Microsoft Teams in their department in the areas of project management, team recognition, and collaboration. 

The summative evaluation will also capture data on each participant’s reaction to the course (Kirkpatrick’s Level 1). Again, this evaluation will also allow designers and developers to make overall improvements to the entire program or workshop if needed – especially if the workshop is not meeting the initial intended goals. The following questions will be asked as part of the summative evaluation:

  1. As a result of the training, I substantially increased my knowledge on this topic.
  2. As a result of the training, I have developed new skills.
  3. The training has affected some of my attitudes concerning this topic area.
  4. The training was relevant to my job duties.
  5. The information I received from this training can definitely be used with my team or clients.
  6. I have a plan to implement this training.
  7. I am very confident that I will use the training on the job.

The following questions will be about the trainer/trainers for the training.

  • The trainer was knowledgeable about the training topics.
  • The trainer was well prepared.
  • The trainer effectively responded to my questions.

General Comments regarding this training or trainer.

The data from the evaluations is shared after each session of the workshop with the head of learning and development, the designer who helped create the course, the instructor, and content subject matter expert. If trends emerge that participants are not increasing knowledge, developing new skills, or they do not have the ability or desire to apply the new skills in their work environment, the content will be reassessed. See Appendix C for a copy of the summative evaluation.