Me & Martha

Are you a fan of Martha Stewart?  Me too.  I mean, come on…sister can throw a party and make a craft like no other.  Welcome to my little blog series entitled “Me and Martha”.  Enjoy!

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Day 1: Why choose Martha? Day 2: Cleaning Kit Day 3: Daily Homekeeping
Day 4: Family Time; Fall Luncheon Day 5: Organization; Sewing Day 6: Mom Craft; Bean Art
Day 7: Kid Stuff; Felt Mice Day 8: Organization; Dining Day 9: Line Drying
Day 10: Weekly Homekeeping Day 11: Family Time; Apple Pie Day 12: break
Day 13: Pecan Garland Day 14: Popsicle Stick Barn Day 15: First Aid Organization
Day 16: Easy Sugar Cookies! Day 17: Chocolate Bar Family Time Day 18: break
Day 19: Pumpkin Patch Day 20: Family Cross Stitch Day 21: Kid Stuff, cotton mice
Day 22: Linen Organization Day 23: Pumpkin Carving Day 24: Washing Dishes
Day 25: break Day 26: Popcorn Car Day 27: break
Day 28: Pumpkin Cheesecake Day 29: Toy Organization Day 30: Movie Organization

And so on…