Mission Work in Africa

Another way I have felt compelled to make learning experiences more accessible, or available, to a wider audience is through mission work. I have had multiple opportunities to travel to Africa in recent years as part of a “teach the teachers” program and women’s leadership partnership with African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries.

With this program, I have been able to put my academic and professional experience to use by helping to develop curriculum for these classes that helps teachers and women be more effective facilitators of learning. I am also able to model effective teaching and facilitation techniques when training them on the developed curriculum. During my stays in Africa, I have also had the opportunity to teach young children as well. This experience has grown my understanding of pedagogy and helped me understand the landscape of education in Africa in a clearer way.

As with most mission work, the participants of the program do learn a lot, but I learn the most… The importance of service and education are the most valuable lessons by far.

Speaking at a leadership conference in Juba, Sudan.
Teach the Teachers crusade – Malakal, Sudan. We had over 100 teachers attend these “Teach the Teacher” sessions and some came from over 100 miles away.
Teaching ESL & VBS to village children in Malakal, Sudan