What is the Purpose of this new learning experience?

  • Employees need to understand the specific benefits of Microsoft Teams

Office 365 has been available to the employees in this specific organization for more than a year, but adoption of certain applications (namely Microsoft Teams) within the suite of services has been low. A workshop is needed to help employees understand how Microsoft Teams can specifically benefit departments within the organization. If employees have an understanding of how the application can help them, they are more likely to incorporate it into their daily work.   Rossett’s process for gathering information and conducting a needs analysis was used in this analysis. This model was selected because a firm understanding of the levels of competence and performance abilities of individuals using Office 365 tools would be needed.

What is currently offered to support the need?

  • Members of the organization have access to training on Microsoft Teams via the application and LinkedIn Learning.

All employees in the organization have access to Microsoft Teams. Employees can log into the application and work through the online tutorials that are prompted with first log on or that are available any time upon subsequent log ins. Employees can also utilize the help feature located at the bottom left side of the screen in Microsoft Teams and click on Topics, Training, What’s New, and Ask the Community – all features that allow for learning of new skills or tips and tricks within Teams.

All employees also have full access to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. It is a website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. LinkedIn Learning currently offers more than ten courses on Microsoft Teams – some as short as 45 seconds and some as long as 57 minutes. The course objectives range from new user overviews to specific topics such as Integrating Teams with other applications.

Where are the gaps in knowledge or skills? Is there support for the new course?

  • Office 365 and all of its applications were launched with little communication, therefore there is a lack of understanding and awareness of the benefits of the application.
  • After a presentation from a team leader that is effectively using Microsoft Teams, other leaders in the organization have the desire to utilize the application. There is a desire and support from managers and employees in the organization to:
    1. Feel more connected to co-workers in remote offices
    2. Find unique ways to recognize or show gratitude to teammates
    3. Manage projects and tasks within a team/dept./organization digitally
    4. Communicate more efficiently and effectively 

The employees know the applications are available. The employees also know they have access to a myriad of training opportunities from several resources. What seems to be missing is how this application will assist them in their specific role or department daily.

In order to get from the current state of lack of knowledge and understanding about the application, to a desired state of utilizing the application for the desired benefits, an instructor led workshop utilizing Microsoft Teams was designed that gives very specific examples of how the application can be used in this organization. During the course, participants can also practice using the application and create channels, manage teams, add tabs, etc. so that the tools are already working for them when they head back to the office. The course itself will utilize Microsoft Teams so that the participants can not only have extra practice, they can continue to use the application for practice and follow-up questions. Understanding the features and benefits of Microsoft Teams and having the ability to immediately practice and discuss how the application can be used in individual work environments will increase adoption and engagement.

For the specific goals and objectives for this course click here.