Current Works

The Healing Solution – completed manuscript
Status: Querying/pitching

Love, or friendship for that matter, has never been a priority for Dr. Evelyn Davidson. Well known for her advancements in vaccine development, she prides herself on hard work – not her social life. She has happily spent the better part of her thirty years steeped in academia or contently working in a properly disinfected state-of-the-art laboratory. Known as somewhat of a prodigy in her field, she developed two vaccinations before she could legally drink a glass of wine. When the United States is attacked with a chemically engineered virus, she is one of the first scientists the government approaches for help. Unfortunately, the efforts of several esteemed researchers proves unsuccessful and the result of the attack on the country is devastating. More than half the population succumbs to the deadly virus and those remaining are tormented and murdered by roving criminal gangs. Living conditions become destitute and basic necessities like food and shelter are difficult to find. Evelyn falls prey to one of the gangs and is taken hostage where she is brutally attacked.

Jessup Long is a quiet, stern faced country boy who keeps to himself. Uneducated and prone to wander, he has been in survival mode since leaving home at fourteen – more than twenty years ago. While the rest of the country struggles with the new way of life, Jessup finds the experience not so different than what he is used to. In the aftermath of the attack he finds himself aligned with a small group of survivors. When one of the members from his group is abducted, he sets out to rescue him and in the process saves Evelyn as well.

Initially, the group is skeptical of accepting another member. Safety and food is a daily concern and the additional responsibility of another person is an added stress, but Jessup is insistent. He hasn’t always been on the right side of wrong, but even he refuses to force Evelyn out on her own. The group’s opinion soon changes as Evelyn’s extensive experience in organic chemistry proves advantageous. Her ability to forage the area for plants that can be used for both medicinal and nutritional purposes is an asset, and eventually the members consider her part of the family. Although Evelyn and Jessup hail from very different backgrounds, they find they may share some similar experiences. An unlikely friendship is forged in a world ravaged with fear and starvation and eventually their relationship develops into much more.

The threat of evil outsiders and the virus are never far removed though. Ultimately, Evelyn must decide what is most important to her – this new family that she has fallen in love with or attempting to recapture a part of her old life that may still exist.

Ghosts  That We Knew – completed manuscript
Commercial Fiction/Paranormal
Status: revising…

Below is an excerpt from my completed manuscript Ghosts That We Knew.  These words may not be used or copied without my expressed or written permission.  For more information or to become one of my beta readers, you may contact me thru this blog.  Thanks!  ~Kimberly Mungle

in process – please reach out to me directly for more info.