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Why put Ghosts on the blog?  The reason is HERE.  If interested in reading more, let me know.  Apparently WordPress will actually own the content if I put the entire novel online.  ha!

Ghosts CoverElinor met death for the first time when she was eighteen. On winter break from college, she and her friends reunite at one of their favorite adolescent hangouts – the Old Barn. An icy night, excessive drinking and an unfortunate accident lead to a fire in the old building and Elinor watches her best friends burn to death. As the lone survivor of a horrific accident, she feels that death follows her thru life – waiting at any moment to take her happiness away. Living a life with obsessive compulsive disorder is the only way Elinor rationalizes she can control her daily outcomes.

Stewart is the son of a homeless, heroin-addicted mother. Mentally scarred from neglect, at seven years old Stewart’s daily goal is to not cry or wet his pants. When his mother returns to the one place he has always felt safe, he regresses. She eventually traps him in the bathroom where she undresses into a steaming tub and slits her wrists in front of him – confiding in him that she has never done anything right, not even having him. As his mother’s life slips away, death slips in. For the first time in his short childhood, Stewart doesn’t feel anxiety or fear… he feels an overwhelming since of calm. Unlike Elinor, Stewart doesn’t believe death follows him – quite the opposite, he sets out to follow death.

Narrated by death himself, this novel tells the story of two very different people and their personal experiences with death – one fighting for life, one obsessed with taking it. Losing loved ones, friends, or perhaps even taking the life of another are different experiences for different people. Death allows us into his world – the details of his profession and assignments. Elinor and Stewart, born worlds and decades apart seem to be completely unrelated. But are they? Is death – as he professes – not only the great equalizer, but the great connector as well?

Chapter 1 – Meet Death

Chapter 2 – Meet Elinor

Chapter 3 – Meet Stewart

Chapter 4 – Elinor, Alternate Scenario

Chapter 5 – Stewart, Class of 2004

Chapter 6 – Elinor, 1986


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