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Camping and Crafts and Fall


I put Fall in the title but truth is that “Fall” hasn’t actually started yet.  I know it’s coming though, so I’ll be patient.  I was watching the weather the other day (I can be a complete weather nerd sometimes – I have a weather app FOLDER on my phone that I keep all my weather apps in..cause you can’t have too many, right?) and turns out we are actually predicted to have a WARMER than average winter… boo.  We were originally thinking colder than average with maybe lots of snow.  The top third of the nation is supposed to have a colder than average winter, the middle third a “wetter” than average winter, and the lower third a warmer one.  Oh well.  We still might get snow, it will probably just be in March.

A couple of weeks ago we went camping.  We had a great time.  Gage and LaLa drove up and Cady invited her boyfriend “Little Matt” to go as well.  We rented a cabin and also brought a big tent.  Milo has been wanting to camp in a tent and even though this girl DOES NOT tent camp, I did it for one night.

Processed with Snapseed.

It was actually kinda fun…temporarily.  The next night I was in the cabin on my queen sized blow-up mattress with my fluffy pillow and soft blankets.  That’s how I camp…

Processed with Snapseed.

The weather was perfect.  Warm afternoons and cold nights that were good for burrowing into sleeping bags and sitting around the fire.


Milo in our tent with his toy camping equipment – pretend fire, lantern and smores.  

The next day we drove into the small town located about 20 minutes away to visit Efurd Orchard.  They have all sorts of homemade ice cream (made from their produce).  I think we had sweet potato ice cream, apple ice cream, pumpkin ice cream, blackberry ice cream  – we tried a ton of flavors.  We also found some fun gourds and jelly.


biggest pickle ever? ha!

They make all of their own jams and jellies and dips and condiments.  We bought one called “Traffic Jam” and it is divine.  Just had some last night.

Gage and Alyssa had to leave a day early to get back for work and school but the rest of us stayed and hiked and fished and roasted marshmallows.  Fun fact – Cady is actually the ONLY person in our family that eats smores.  I will eat all the components separately, but I don’t like burnt marshmallows.  Anyway, she ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner.


After coming home from a long weekend camping I was happy to have the day off.  Milo and I took advantage of it by spending the day together and painting and decorating our pumpkins.


I entered them in my office pumpkin decorating contest and won second place.  So double WIN – hello amazon gift card.  I’m telling you, my company is the best.

We are coming up on Halloween quick and I *think* we are ready.  Milo has decided on his costume and we’ve got a few festivals/events lined up to attend.  That’s about it though.  I’m mostly looking forward to getting the presidential election over so I can REALLY look forward to the holidays and everything on social media will stop being so hateful!  Know what I mean?  Gage and Alyssa won’t be here for Thanksgiving this year so I made the executive decision to make reservations at a nice restaurant nearby.  I’m so thrilled about it!  I always spend way too much time and money on a meal that sometimes turns out to not be that great.  lol  We’ll still bake some fun desserts for snacking but I’m glad to have a plan in place for a RELAXING nice meal cooked and cleaned up by someone else!  That evening we’ll watch movies and then that weekend we have our first Christmas Play downtown.  Also… the Netflix Gilmore Girls premiers Thanksgiving weekend so I’m WAY looking forward to it!

Until next time, thanks for keeping up with us crazies!



A full start to Fall – Life Lately Oct 2016

I’m about to download a deluge of photos… About a month’s worth… Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:



Processed with Snapseed.

We are channeling our inner “Bob Ross”.



Processed with Snapseed.

We had a bunch of friends over Labor Day weekend for an end of summer celebration.  The weather was perfect, the pool was cool, and the food was yummy.  Love celebrating with these people.


Shopping for Homecoming dresses:

Processed with Snapseed.

Spent a day in Dallas looking for the “perfect” dress.  Favorite part of this pic?  The unicorn balloon animal on the floor.  Cady totally made me buy that for her from the “balloon guy” in the mall. 


I also made a quick trip to Canada and Michigan:


Pic on left is in Windsor, Ontario.  What a lovely little place.  The squirrels have black fur and are VERY friendly.  That one eventually jumped up on my table and glared at me like I had forgotten to bring him a sandwich or something.  Pic on right is when I was cruising down 8-mile in Detroit.  I sang rapped Eminem songs the entire time I was there.  


We took a trip to the moon from the backyard:

Processed with Snapseed.

Gage, Cady and LaLa made this rocket for Milo one night while they were babysitting.  Crazy good, huh?


Milo taught a class to imaginary friends dressed as The Little Prince.


We have read and watched The Little Prince quite a few times.  We found that little fox online from a European company and Milo loves him…sleeps with him every night. His name is “Best Friend Fox”.  


We headed to our local Oktoberfest…it was HOT…


It was fun.  I think Matt mostly enjoyed it because he got to drink multiple steins of beer. 


My sweet friend Kelly came into town so we all went to the Ray LaMontagne concert.  It was fabulous!   Although I was reminded again that I am old and staying out past 10 is so hard. ha!


Three Amigas.. Renee, Kelly & Me.  We may or may not have had a few cocktails at this point.  Also, clutch game on point. 


Processed with Snapseed.

We were so close!  Fortunately while we were taking goofy pics and drinking cocktails, the boys found a good spot.   Only drawback was a guy with a chubby butt in front of us that felt the need to twerk for most of the night…to folk music.  He also kept making out with his date.  #stop


Last week I had to head up to MO for meetings and I was able to take our company jet so I would only be gone for the day.  I LOVED IT!  I totally texted Matt and said “forget the Subaru, we need a jet…now”.  As a frequent traveler, I know the frustrations of delays, security, people in your personal space…  Flying privately is the way to go…also, a rarity.  I’m back to old AA next week.


On the flight home, the copilot let me have his seat and the pilot let me fly the plane.  It was so cool!  I got to push all the buttons and everything! 


Took some pics of this kid on picture day last week…


I literally have no idea when my baby got so big…He turned into a kid overnight I think…


And lastly… last weekend was homecoming.  And my girl had a great time with friends while looking fab-u-lous.


It’s been a full month!

The BIG big kids just got in last night and we are headed camping this weekend.  The weather is supposed to be great and I’m looking forward to unplugging and hiking and getting dirty for a few days.

Check in next week because I am determined to get a post up about all or fall activities – crafts, pumpkin patches, costumes, etc.  Cheers and thanks for reading!

Life Lately, July 2016 edition…



It was in the 70s while we were in Illinois! Perfect for walks and reading!

I started this post a couple weeks ago… Just when we returned from our trip to the Midwest for camping and family adventures and a celebration of America (Independence Day).  My heart was feeling kinda heavy though, even as we watched fireworks and everyone donned their red white and blue and we all whooped and hollered because the 4th is a reason to celebrate, right?!.  It’s just sad to see the politics of our country be so negative and well… gross.   Our own house is divided… it’s crazy.  I get on facebook and see people I really love and care for spouting  the most asinine things… yucky stuff that divides and attacks – and I’m talking about both sides.  So anyway, I haven’t felt super proud of our democracy lately – it seems a bit broken.  THEN… the police shootings happened.  And at first I tried not to watch or read about it because those things make me angry and confused and I just don’t get it.  I remember after the shooting in Minnesota I happened across the facebook video that had been posted.  It was sad and scary and absolutely avoidable.  I was laying in bed that night and I asked Matt, “why did that cop shoot that guy?  There was no reason?  This wasn’t one of those cases where there is some question about right and wrong, it was clearly wrong.”  I’m always one to support the police, I have family and friends that are police officers so I wasn’t choosing a side – I was saddened that something very wrong had taken place.   Sad, sad, sad…  Cady came in a while later and said, “what’s going on in Dallas?  a bunch of cops have been shot?”  And I just kept laying there.  I couldn’t bring myself to turn on the news or get online or anything (we live in the Dallas area, so it was especially close to home for us.).  I just laid there and prayed for this crazy, wicked, broken country of ours.  The next morning I watched along with everyone else as the media broke the news of the tragedy.  My heart broke.  And again I prayed throughout the day… what I didn’t do is listen.  I just kept repeating silently, “dear God, I don’t understand.  Please be with these people who have lost their love ones.  Please help our country.  I’m scared…”  And when I was finally willing to listen God gave me an answer I didn’t ask for.  He convicted me to stop with the frantic worry, intercede in prayer for these people (the innocent and the guilty) and to listen…to just be still.  I need to quit trying to figure everything out and stop convincing people of what I think is right and just let God handle it.  Politics, unlawful shootings, terrorist attacks, I need to remember that God is much, much bigger than these things.


So that’s why I haven’t been online much lately.  I try and keep away from the negative, divisive talk and focus on other things.

And with that, on to our recent adventures.


A coworker brought me a ton of purple hull peas from their farm.  We taught Milo to shell peas and he loved it.  Sometimes the simplest of things are entertaining to littles!  I have fond memories of front porch pea shelling as kid – if you don’t, get some.

Our 10 hour road trip went pretty well this time.


I created a map for Milo so he could get an idea of where we were and how long it would take.  I think it was beneficial… Also, when all else fails, the iPad is always a winner! ha!

Cady decided that while in Missouri she would film a movie…


Matt was one of the stars.  It’s a scary mockumentary about some kids that were murdered in a cornfield back in the 70s… Matt “knew” the people so he’s being interviewed.  He really played into it.  They planted evidence and everything.


Cady is still doing final edits, I’ll have to post a link when it’s done.  I’m sure it will be hilarious and anything but scary since she interviewed a ton of family about the “corn massacre of the 70s” and they were mostly like “what the h3ll are you talking about?!” City kids…

Next up was camping in Illinois!  Ninna came with us and Milo was thrilled.  I’m pretty sure Ninna will do anything Milo tells her to so she is pretty much his favorite person.


Even Milo and Ninna went on a few short hikes with us!

She also taught him some bad language so he has recently learned what ivory soap tastes like.  Just saying.

We chose to stay at a nice cabin that was close to a lodge this time.  We knew myself, Matt and Cady would be venturing out to do some hiking/rock climbing and Milo would not be able to go.  So we picked a cute place at Giant City State Park.  They even had two pools, one was a kid pool that Milo loved – just the right size…


Our cabin.  So cute!  We will definitely stay here again.  The lodge also had a restaurant so that was super convenient.  We brought some food and then had our dinners each evening at the lodge.


The hiking in the Shawnee National forest is fantastic!







There are tons of rock cliffs.  It was amazing.  It would be really cool to go cave hiking or rock rappelling, but this girl is too sensible for all that… (scaredy cat…)


The view from our back cabin… crazy pretty, huh?!

It was a good “camping” trip.  We all enjoyed it.

I have to post this pic too… This is on a road in Illinois.  Is this not the most creepy barn ever?!  See the weird stuffed people hanging in the barn opening?  *shiver*


While back at Ninna’s house we also did all of our normal things.  We thrift shopped…


We find the BEST stuff at an antique store one town over… We go there every time we visit.

We also hung out with family and of course Milo jammed with Uncle Ted.


I have so many pics of these two jammin’.  Uncle Ted was in a band with Matt’s dad so he has lots of great music stories.

It was another successful trip to MO.  I don’t think we’ll be going back until next summer though.  I love going, but it’s a LONG time in the car.  We are hoping Matt’s mom can come down here a couple times over the next year – I mean Milo doesn’t quite know all of the bad four letter words yet.  LOL!!  Until next time, I’ll leave you with this adorable guitarist on his grandmother’s porch.


Thanks for reading and may God bless America – we need it!


Hello Sweet June

June is one of my favorite months.  It’s when all 3 of my babies were due (Gage came a week early, but was technically due in June).  It’s the month that most of the May rains cease and the temps rise enough for sprinklers and pool time.  It’s when school gets out, time slows a bit, and I add stacks and stacks of books to my summer reading list.


I love half-price books.  I can load up on $3 books – even cheaper than Kindle.  I’ve got a nice stack waiting on my nightstand for me!  Milo picked up some favorites too.

Yep, I love sweet June – she’s a keeper.

What’s up Lately…

We’ve been celebrating that aforementioned birthday of Gage.


Alyssa flew in the night before Gage’s birthday.  Matt and I picked her up from the airport and she was able to totally surprise him when we got home.  Our family is NOT good at keeping secrets so the fact that we were able to pull that off says something!

Also for Gage’s birthday, he decided he wanted to do an “escape room“.  It’s one of those experience activities.  You pick your adventure (could be detective, zombies, mystery etc.) and then you try and escape a room with that specific theme.  We did a murder mystery and did really well.  We “escaped” so that’s a win.


Also… we bought a new pool float…  It took all the big kids and me to air that bad boy up…


It was getting a ton of use…


Until this…


Just as our pool was opening, it got shut down.  LOL!  We are actually doing a backyard remodel.  Completely renovating our pool (like pretty much getting a NEW pool – this was the first stage of demo).  We are getting all new tile and coping (the stone that surrounds the pool) and also ripping out the bottom to resurface it and upgrade from plaster.  We are excited!  After the pool reno is done, we are having our old fence ripped out and replaced.  We’ve done a ton to our backyard in the 2 years we’ve lived here, so hopefully this will complete it!  It should be done in the next week or so, so we’ll have the rest of the summer to enjoy it! Yay!


In other news…  Our whole family is signed up for bike ride in a couple weeks, so we’ve all been trying to find time to get some practice in.


I always think of Blair Witch Project when we are near woods like this…

I’ve learned from this practice that I will NOT be doing the 30 mile but instead the 20.  Ha!  My booty can’t take that skinny seat for hours on end!  I can’t believe I used to ride more than 70 miles in a day.  You’d think with the extra “natural” padding I’ve acquired that it would be easier – not so.

And I also want to add that Cady and I went to see Me Before You the other night.  I love the book but it was just heartbreaking and emotional for me.  It really made me…sad.  So know what you are getting into if you want to see it.


It’s a good film, but they literally handed out tissues at our screening… so go prepared.

And the last update I have for y’all is this… And it’s a big one…


I’ve accepted a position at a local financial firm (1.5 miles from my house)!  I know!  I can’t believe it.  We totally planned for me to stay home until Milo started Kinder next year (Fall of 2017).  But honestly, I’ve decided that he needs to be in a full-time preschool program this fall.  And if he is going to be in a full-time program, I should probably consider getting a job.  I only interviewed with this company because I just had a good feeling about them and I was right.  My schedule will still be flexible like it was in my last job.  And we got him into a great private preschool that is super close to us.  This was a position I couldn’t pass up.  The flexible work hours, the salary and the company are A+.  I’m thrilled.  It did take 6 rounds of interviews (wow!) and a 30 min presentation… they aren’t kidding about being selective about their employees!  God  is good and I totally left it in His hands whether I would go back to work or not and he answered faithfully!  I’m so grateful that I got to take 6 months off from work.  I loved spending so much time with my family and my little Milo.  I loved volunteering and having time to do things I hadn’t had time to do in years.  I will always be grateful for that time, but I have realized that I also love working and this is the right decision for our family.  In the past I’ve worked solely for financial reasons, it’s been a great experience seeking and accepting a job because I wanted to, not because I had to.  So yay for me!  Matt and I even went shopping for a new work wardrobe last week for the days I’ll be in the office – yessss!

This weekend we are celebrating our girl’s 16th birthday.


I’m lucky to be her Mama and if I’m extra lucky maybe she’ll let me hang out with her and her friends at her party.  ha!  Initially she said that Matt and I couldn’t even be in the restaurant where her party is being held.  She has since modified that request and said that maybe we can just sit at another nearby table… Teenagers are so fun.

And I’ll leave you with this.  Part of my photog challenge.  Fantasy.  This is Milo going over the edge of our pool’s waterfall in one of his toy boats.  Fun stuff! 😉  He cracks up at this photo because he doesn’t “remember” taking it.  What  can I say, 3 year olds don’t understand photoshop.


Happy June and Happy Summer!

Thanks for reading,


So Texas skipped winter this year…

Now that it’s March, I think all of us Texans are realizing we just aren’t going to have winter this year.  We’ve had 70s and even some 80s consistently since the beginning of February.  It is usually snowing around my birthday and Valentine’s Day – this year it was like 78 and perfect patio weather.  Oh well, that’s ok – as long as we don’t get killed with mosquitos this summer…


Yep, that’s us in the pool on February 1st.  What the heck?!

I rarely get my laptop out these days.  And when I do it’s usually to pay bills or work on our budget.  I’ve stopped reading all my favorite blogs and I even forget to check social media some days.  Weird, huh?  This last month our whole family got sick.  It started with Gage then moved to Cady then Milo and I both got sick at the same time (I was literally stuck in bed for almost a week) and then Matt.  Matt is actually just now getting over it.  I *think* we are all wholly healthy now so I’m counting my blessings for that.  Next week is Spring Break (seems early this year, right?).  The outreach center where I help teach ESL is also closed for Spring Break so I’m off, Milo is off, Cady is off and even Gage is off from school!  Matt is the only sucker that has to work – which is probably a good thing since we need to pay the electric bill and all.  We have ZERO plans because it is actually supposed to rain every.single.day – just like last year.  Last year Cady and I went on a road trip and had the best time (posts about that here and here).  This year I think we will be home for the most part – watching movies, reading library books and working on a few organization projects.

Without further adieu, here are a few pics taken since the last time I posted:

Birthday Dinner for moi!



Bowling and hiking with my handsome huz:



Matt and Cady and their movie making shenanigans.  I will share a link to their “movies” soon.  I’m not sure if they have uploaded them to youtube yet.  I do know that another is planned for spring break.   They are HILARIOUS.



Spending my days with this little guy:


BINGO game from the dollar spot, library time, practicing letters, and a fun shadow puppet theater we made.



Hanging with the “bigs” when their schedules are free…  We actually had the chance to have dinner (just the 3 of us) recently – it was fun!


And also, we are in a competition to get the most steps during Lent.  Gage is our unofficial score keeper.  I’m winning even though I was down a week when I was sick.  I am so competitive and will crush those kids!



I’ve also been continuing my photography challenge.  I missed a week (week 8).  The only reason I missed was because 1. I was so sick that week and 2. the challenge was shoot a panoramic.  Meaning take a pic and then post process several pictures and stitch them together.  I’m NOT good at post processing.  Most of my photos are unedited and raw – what you see is what I took.  Hopefully I’ll keep learning tho!


Week 5:  Landscape – Black and White


Week 6:  Artistic – Candy (I love Reese’s peanut butter cups!)


Week 7:  Portrait – Faceless  Tell someone’s story without showing their face.  Obvi, this is Matt, my movie critic hubby…watching a movie. 🙂


Week 9:  Artistic – Shadows.  I created those shadows on the wall (this one is called Calvary for apparent reasons) by staging those craft supplies in a very specific and meticulous way.  This was a fun shoot.

Well, like many recent days, the forecast for today is sunny and in the 70s so I think Milo and I will head to our neighborhood park for a bit.  Tomorrow will be 80 – I’m thinking picnic at the nature preserve?  I want to soak up the sun before the rain starts next week.

Happy March!  And happy early spring to most of us in the South! ha!

Thanks for reading!



Life Lately – end of January 2016

I thought leaving the corporate world a couple months ago would give me all sorts of free time during the day.  I’d have time to write, blog, organize…  The list of productive things I was going to accomplish was long.  Surprisingly enough though, I haven’t really done any of that… ha!  Milo and I spend a lot of time together doing good stuff (library, walks, learning activities – having 2 older kids makes me realize just how quick these years will pass).  I do get all the “home” stuff done during the day so we don’t have to worry about it in the evenings or weekends – cleaning, prepping meals, grocery shopping, finances.  But it seems like the days slip by quickly…  And here we are now at the end of the month and it seems like this year just started yesterday!

So what have we been up to this past month?  Well…

1. My photography challenge has continued. 

Week 2 was Landscape: Traditional


Week 3 was Artistic: Red (just means take whatever kind of photo you want but try and have red as a focal color.)


Week 4 was Portrait: Headshot ( I was originally going to take a photo of someone in the family but this opportunity presented itself when Kiki was napping in one of his favorite spots in the afternoon sun.)


You can see there is a pattern.  It goes Portrait, Landscape and then Artistic – but each week has a different spin.  This week’s is Landscape: black & white.  Next week’s is Artistic: Candy.  And then the next is Portrait: faceless.  Fun, huh?  I’ll head out this weekend (it’s going to be in the 70s!!!) and get my Landscape: black & white captured.  I’ve got a few ideas.

2. I’m teaching part-time!


Headed to our first day at the Refugee Outreach Center

Yep, you read that right. I always thought after the big kids were older I’d do more missionary work and teach English in some faraway country.  I LOVED my time in Africa and China and have longed to do that work again some day.  Well, recently I was at a women’s ministry event at our church and came across an organization that teaches ESL (and also citizenship and GED classes) to refugees.  I immediately contacted them and within a few days I had signed on to teach two days a week.  And Milo gets to go with me and be part of a wonderful preschool program they host.  I love it!  In my class alone, I have refugees from Somalia, Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  And the outreach center where I teach is only 11 miles from my house.  God is so great at finding the perfect opportunities to use our talents.  I will post more on this soon – I’ve only been there 2 weeks!

3. Spending time with this gal…


I don’t know what Cady is doing in that first pic but it’s funny…  2nd pic is seeing a special screening of The 5th Wave – it was really good!  (It’s geared toward Cady’s age, she really enjoyed the book)


I should mention I also spend time with Gage but apparently have zero pictures of any of that!  Mostly we grocery shop and eat together.  Gage works ALL.WEEKEND.LONG so we only see him during the week.  He’s headed to Utah next week and I’m jealous of all the pretty snow he and Alyssa will get to see and play in!

4. Spending time with the guy…


Headed downtown on the train!

One of Matt’s Christmas gifts was Stars! Tickets so we took the train downtown and went to the game last week.  It was so fun!  I haven’t been to a Stars game in FOREVER and it was nice to get away.  Both of our Birthdays and Valentine’s Day in next month so I bet we get in a few more date nights over the next couple of weeks too.

5. Entertaining this little…


Morning coffee…and early mornings suck.


We spend a lot of time at the Nature Preserve if the weather is nice.


No words… You can’t turn away for a second or there is trouble!


Spending time at the library for storytime, puppet shows and just reading…


Feeding (ok, terrorizing) the ducks at any and all local ponds.

I told you, we keep each other busy!

I’ll have to post about our 1. master bedroom switch-up (I decided I needed a change and so far we are liking the new arrangement), 2. the Valentine projects I’m working on, and 3. several yummy recipes I’ve found over the last couple of months.  And also, I’m trying to lose 20 lbs…  I’m 10 down so only 10 to go but y’all know that last 10 pounds in pretty much impossible.  I had teetered over into the “overweight” category so I figured it was time to try a bit harder.  It super sucks.  I don’t like vegetables, exercise or small portions.  I do however like naps, chocolate and pizza. So there’s that… But I’m working really hard at it.  I’m learning to like veggie smoothies… I’m learning to eat less bread and potatoes (maybe)… and I’m learning that I don’t need to eat a king size reeses peanut butter sleeve before I go to bed every night.  I’ve also been very dedicated in ensuring I get my 10K steps in each day.  Listen, those things may not seem like a lot, but they are helping.  Plus Matt and I signed up for a new wellness program where we get amazon gift cards for doing healthy stuff – win!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Sweet Twenty Sixteen

So a new year…  Freak!   Time goes by fast.  Matt and I decided a few weeks ago to head up to his hometown in Missouri for a few days after Christmas.  His mom was originally going to come here but due to some health issues was not able to make the trip.  So we loaded up and embarked on the 10 hour drive.  The big kids already had their own plans for New Year’s Eve so it was just Milo tagging along with us.  I will say that he is getting better at this road trip thing.  Movies and snacks are the key…


He doesn’t like to sleep in the car so that complicates things a bit.  What kid doesn’t sleep in the car?!  I still fall asleep on long road trips…but not this kid!

Once we arrived at Ninna’s, Milo was in heaven.  She had several gifts for him (this is a big deal when you’ve been told Christmas is over…) and he got lots of attention – his favorite thing.

play Collage

that plastic campfire must put off some serious heat…

We spent a lot of time going to the park and taking walks.  It was COLD while we were there but we were determined to get out and do things.  No snow, but some days it barely got out of the 20s.  (thermals are your friend in those kinds of temps!)


For New Year’s Eve, Matt and I headed to the local Legion Hall to see the Welter Four band.  The Welter Four is a band that has been performing together for 40+ years and also…they are all Matt’s uncles.  LOL!  I’ve been wanting to see them since Matt told me about them years ago, so NYE was the perfect opportunity.  It was actually a dinner/dance event.  And it was mostly people over 75.  And the dinner was a potluck with homemade dishes that all the little old ladies had brought in – think fried chicken, deviled eggs, casseroles, pecan pie.


It was super fun and great to see some of Matt’s fam.  The senior citizens were adorable and several came up to us and talked for a bit.  They danced every single song – I can’t believe the energy they had!  Not one time did they sit around at their table with their face in their iPhone…those people know how to have a good time!

One of the days we headed out to one of the local theaters to see Star Wars again.  This is the same theater that Matt saw the original Star Wars in when he was just a kid – almost 40 years ago!


I thought it would be fun to see it again in the same theater.  And apparently we were just in time because I guess it’s being torn down as a new one is going up just down the road.

It’s always a little sad to leave Ninna’s because Milo enjoys it so much.


First pic is Milo taking a serious nap after some serious play…He is not even on his blow-up mattress and his bottom half is under the other bed in the room!

And I always dread the drive home because the drive home from somewhere is never as easy as the drive there…


first pic is me telling Milo we still had 2 hours to go… second is when we turned into our neighborhood – woo-hoo!

Mostly I think about all the laundry and junk that will have to be done after spending a whole day trapped in the car.  At least this time I didn’t have to dread going back to work after being on vacation!  So that’s what we did to ring in the New Year.  I’m not really a resolution person but I’ve got a few things I’d like to accomplish this year – don’t we all?

One last thing, I’m taking part in a 52 week Photography challenge this year.  I’m so impressed with the others in the group – they are real artists.  Each week there is a theme.  Week one was “set your camera’s self timer and take a self portrait”.  I’m excited about the challenge and excited to be part of a group that has so much photog knowledge.  I’m hoping to learn some good tips on using the REAL camera.  I take 95% of our pics with an iPhone but would love to get better on the DLSR.  I have a feeling my pics this year will be a mixture of both.


Happy New Year and thanks for reading!